A lot of families find that a holiday abroad is out of reach for many reasons. It can be expensive to fly with your kids and package holiday don’t often consider those of us who have 3 or more children. Some families have children with special needs and a trip abroad can present logistical challenges.

As we are just a three travelling is pretty straight forward for us – Luisa isn’t two until mid May so we’re still getting bargain flights and she copes very well in busy airports. As a family we’ve been on a lot of trips already including Crete, Scotland, all over England and America.



I have to admit though, since Luisa has gotten older travel has become a bit more difficult. In the newborn days we flew monthly from our home in Edinburgh to our parents in Belfast. We never over packed – often just throwing a few outfits in a bag and grabbing a baby carrier at the last minute. A toddler is a different beast entirely! We need to coordinate flights with naps, bring a huge amount of outfits, toys and specific cups. The inflight experience is manageable but intense, which is more than I can say for the jet lag which is utter torture.


Now that Luisa is older, mobile and more accident prone ‘staycations’ are looking more appealing by the day. We’re heading off to Pembrokeshire in May and I’m so looking forward to a self catering break. It will be great to take it easy and not have to worry about whether she’ll be in the mood to sit nicely at dinner time in a hotel restaurant. Going abroad is great and I will always love the thrill of undiscovered shores but the security of a holiday in the UK is what I need right now.





We’ve been looking at Great Little Breaks to help us plan our next getaway. I really like this site because, whilst there is a big focus on keeping the costs low, you don’t need to sift through unappealing budget hostels to find a hidden gem. All the properties on the site are of a high standard as well as being great value for money. It’s really easy to get inspiraton on their site too because you can search by location or type of holiday.

You can’t say there aren’t some amazing sights to see closer to home! I’ve actually got a bit of British Isles bucket list going on at the momeny, we really want to explore more of the wilds of Scotland and I’ve promised myself I’ll see more the south of England soon. Call me a granny mush but the Chelsea Flower show is an event i’d love to attend.