It’s so easy to lose an hour scrolling on Instagram looking at everyones seemingly perfect lives. I’m a sucker for beautiful interiors that I know I’ll never be able to achieve or maintain. Nevertheless I thought I’d put together a handy guide to help you on the road to achieving an instagram home that is totally #goals


instagram home details sofa


The first thing you need to do is remove everything from your home. The easiest option here would be a strategic house fire – just make sure you’ve got good insurance. Failing that skip hire is more reasonable than you might think.

Once the place is devoid of possessions you need to create a blank canvas. If you can’t afford Farrow & Ball paint this is a good time to get another credit card. Coat every wall of your instagram home in Wimborne White and accent a few with soft greys and Orla Kiely wallpaper.

Following that you’ll need to turn you attention to the floors and possibly make some structural changes. All floor should be hardwood, marble or polished concrete. Ideally you’ll have 3.4 fireplaces in your instapalace.


instagram home dining space


Now that you’ve once the basics nailed it’s time to furnish your home. It’s quite important that you select pieces that appear quirky but be careful not to show any sign or actual personality or orginal thought. If this seems daunting  just keep referring back to instagram to make sure you’re on the right track. I’m going to need to see at least 2 eames chairs, a velvet sofa and an art deco sideboard. Something like the Treku from will suffice.


instagram home sideboard


When it comes to accessories one of the most important aspects of your instagram home will be the obligitory gallery wall. To really excel here you need to amass a collection of quirky prints, lomo photographs and inspirational quotes in a darling brush font. Take this as an opportunity to showcase your personality but be sure to keep it aspirational. Arrange your beauties just so and voila!


instagram home gallery wall


Regardless of whether or not you work from home it’s important to give the impression that you do. Even if your freelancing mostly takes place in the small hours on a grotty couch or on your phone in betweeen school pickups you need an airy office space. If you can’t afford a Mac consider finance. Oh and don’t forget the blooms.


instagram home office space


So far so good, now what to do about those pesky kids? Well, they can kiss goodbye to their plastic junk for starters. From now on your little darling will only be playing with wooden toys. Ensure that both their nursery and playroom are utterly zen by sticking with an airy neutral pallette. Avoid anything garish and, ideally, don’t allow any actual play to take place.


instagram home play room


Finishing touches are going to be what takes you from zero to hero. Regardless of whether you’ve a musical bone in your body you really need to invest in a piano or at least a vintage guitar. The cherry on top of your new home will be the greenery. Ensure that every third surface has some kind of lush plant casually perched – preferably a cactus or other desert creature.


instagram home piano


If you’ve competed these steps, congratulations – you’ve done it. Your home has been cleansed of years of junk and you can finally live your best life.

Just be careful not to let old habits sneak back in. There’s to be no picking up of additional clutter and certainly nothing that implies a real family actually lives in this new home.