Hands up who spends half the morning staring at the pile of clothes on the floor, wandering aimlessly to the clean ones in a mound in the kitchen and then half heartedly poking the dirty mountain for good measure?

I have so many clothes and nothing to wear because it’s all so uninspiring. Half of it is too big or too small or just done and devoid of shape. A good portion of what’s left I¬†genuinely don’t like and never wear. That leaves us with about 15% of my clothing actually being worn on a regular basis and I can count one one hand the bits I would save from a house fire.


This just will not do. I need to streamline, dump and build up again. I really don’t want to live a life surrounded by clothes that either don’t suit or I don’t like. I feel like a semi capsule wardrobe is the solution I need.

By ‘semi’ capsule I mean I’m never going to be living in a chic monochrome world – sadly. My intention – once I’ve dumped 80% of my current wardrobe is to be really careful every time I buy something new. If it doesn’t ‘work’ with the rest of my clothes it’s not coming home from the shops.

Does anyone else have that problem? You know you buy a dress and then realise it needs a funny bra with different straps and you don’t have shoes to match, or a jacket that works? What can you do at that point? Spend another ¬£60 or just leave it in a sad pile in a drawer – never to be worn.


capsule summer 17


I’m a visual person so I’ve made a few collages to give myself a bit of inspiration. As I said I’m trying to only own things that work in a couple of different combinations. So I like dresses that can be worn day to night – just in case I ever go out after 7pm! Ha! For me a good dress is a bit quirky but not too in your face. I like vintage styles like these bits from Rokit and anything with pockets is a winner for me.

I love graphic or print tees but they need to go with denim so I can wear them with a pinafore or jeans. I also don’t want to have so many shoes that never get the love they deserve due to not matching many of my clothes. Classic flats and trainers are going to be my go-tos from now on.

Have you found your style got a bit lost post kids? What did you do to claw it back and feel a bit more like yourself again?