I don’t know about you but I don’t need an excuse to eat pancakes. I won’t be held ransom by the calendar – I’m a maverick!

That being said, loading up on carby sugary goodness on a regular basis probably isn’t the best idea. With that in mind this Pancake Tuesday I’m sharing a couple of recipes, some are totally decadent and some are healthier ways to enjoy one of my favourite breakfast treats.



Before you dive headfirst into a bowl of maple syrup I have a few tips, tricks and product recommendations. You want to start out with quality kit to avoid a pancake day disaster. We were kindly sent a new pan and some utensils from Debenhams to make sure our breakfast was a hit. If you’re a loser parent like me you’ll understand the sheer giddy excitement that took over when I opened my package to find a load of Joseph Joseph goodies! Really I should have filmed the moment as Matt & I went into raptures in a way only parents who need to get out more could.


The frying pan we’ve been using (almost daily since it’s arrival) is the Minneapolis by Green Pan. It’s seriously incredible – non stick, works on induction hobs, you can use metal tools, there’s an amazing warranty, the handles stay cool and the edges are non drip. The brand is also really passionate about sustainability which is a plus in my book. Just get one already.

I know you want to see the rest of these goodies so here they are. From the sieve that practically shakes itself to the spatula with a foot… enjoy.



Now that you’re green with envy let’s have a look at my favourite pancake recipes.


Throw Caution to the Wind

If all your after is that epic pancake hit with no regard for macros you simply have to start with this Jamie Oliver recipe. In my opinion, this is a fool proof recipe that gives you everything you want from a pancake feast. Top these fluffy delights with bacon, strawberries, maple syrup, walnuts, blueberries, creme fraiche, banana, anything goes!




Oui Oui Maman!

If your idea of a perfect shrove tuesday is something a little more continental I’ve got you covered. You need to defer to Nigel Slater for these babies – his recipe is a perfect starting point, you can customise the sauce or topping to your taste. Personally I’m a strawberries and nutella girl but I have been known to enjoy the odd savoury crepe. When i’m not craving a sweet fix i’ll go for a classic like chicken and mushroom in a light white sauce or a veggie option like spinach and feta.




Baby & Toddler Friendly 

Whilst all of the above are delectable the pancake we make most often are a simple affair with only 3 ingredients. I first started making these long before Luisa came along, as a slimming world treat and later realised they’re perfect for baby led weaning. The recipe I swear by is a simple combo of oats, banana and egg. Sometimes I add cinnamon or blueberries to the batter for a bit of variety. These make a perfect snack or breakfast any day of the week and always get the thumbs up from Luisa.



GF / DF / Vegan

If you or your children have allergies or intolerances all these recipes will be a bit unachievable. For that reason I’ve sourced a few from other bloggers that shoudl cater for everyone.

Gluten & Dairy Free – Vintage Folly

Vegan Pancakes – Canny Food

Perfect Free From Pancakes – The Intolerant Gourmand

Vegan Pancakes with added NomNoms – Hannah Spannah


I also thought this recipe from Mummy to Dex was a fab take on the babyled weaning pancakes as the recipe calls for baking so it’s less fuss and standing around the stove.