This year Lu & I are taking part in the Bostik Bloggers programme which means we’ll be doing a different craft every month and you are obliged to look at our creations. This month we were sent a box of valentines themed paper and craft goods.


You might think 20 months is pretty young to be crafting and doubt that Luisa could be showing any real artistic flair. You’d be right, she gives no thought to composition and less is never more. Nevertheless, the whole reason I got involved in the Bostik Bloggers project was so that we could both try new things and watch less Bing Bunny.

I decided decorating some valentines cards was an achievable craft for Luisa so I showed her how the glue worked and taught her how to shakey shake the glitter and off she went. It was really tough to get photos of the little artiste in action but she was brilliant. We only had one tissue paper eating incident and the sticky fun held her attention for a good 35 minutes.



I can’t really provide you with any instructions on how to create these beautiful cards as we just let the craft angels lead us. What I will say is this:

  • Prepare to get glittery
  • Put down an oil cloth or mat (ours are from Messy Me Designs)
  • Lower your expectations

If you can manage those three steps I guarantee you’ll have a blast.



Once I’d had my fill of glitter I cut up some bits of card with hearts and lips printed on them and tore tissue paper into small pieces. At this point I took back control of the glue and did some crude blobs on the cards. I showed Luisa how to push the various bits of card and tissue paper on top of the glue and she copied right away.


Honestly, as I write this, part of me thinks I should have gone to Pinterest for inspiration and made the crafts entirely by myself as our efforts aren’t very refined. That being said, our afternoon was glitter fueled but glorious. Lu really enjoyed making her valentines cards and actually exceeded my expectations. She’s really getting those fine motor skills down!


Without further ado i’ll unveil Miss Luisas creations – RRP £4.99



As you can see she made 5 cards in a range of designs and used heart shaped stickers to decorate a small paper bag. I’ve popped her cards in the bag for now and put them out of reach. She has quite the thing for bags and would drag it around all day if I let her!

On Sunday we’re going to walk to the post box and chat all about how the postman takes letters as well as bringing us exciting deliveries.


I hope you enjoyed having a look at what we got up to on a dreary Thursday afternoon. If you have a toddler of a similar age I really encourage you to have a go at something like this.

Embarrassingly, this is actually the first craft we’ve done together – I’ve always clung to the safety of crayons. Anyway, it genuinely was a lot of fun and I’m very much looking forward to sharing next months make with you.


If you’d like to see something a little more grown up come back on Saturday to see what I made for my Mum once Luisa was in bed.