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Toddlers Gonna Toddle – Venturing Out Without the Pram

One of the best things about the toddler stage is all the new discoveries and milestones. They seem be coming thick and fast with new words, cheeky glances and daring stunts a daily occurrence.


I recently read a post from blogger Emily about how she often meets people who think her toddler shouldn’t be out walking as he’s slow and in their way. This got me thinking and I decided to adopt the same attitude as Emily and let Lu enjoy more time out of the pram – regardless of who was in a rush. Now, obviously I didn’t let her walk near busy roads or in the midst of a gang of commuters but I started letting her pop out of the pram for a wander more often.



It’s been so fun seeing everything from her perspective, she loves exploring all the different surfaces you come across in a typical town, peeking behind signs and ducking under bicycle racks. As ever, she’s taking me by surprise at every turn – soaking it all in and learning something new every day.

Just yesterday we took a toddle round the block and encountered the bin men – cue 15 minutes of ‘whats that’ ‘ooh’ ‘ohno’ ‘man’ ‘hello’ After a big chat she learnt to say bin and spent the entire evening regaling me with tales of the man and the bin making sound effects to go along with her little story.

I know this might be terribly boring to you but humor me, she’s my first and totally amazes me with how much of a sponge she is right now. So as well as letting her have more independence I’ve also been trying to keep a running commentary on life going – I feel like this is how she learns best and that’s what being a toddler is all about right?

When we’re out without the pram I like to point out all the cars and talk about the colours, Lu usually turns this around to asking when Daddy is home. She’s also been learning about buses, how to pay and take the ticket. We’re in the habit of letting her push the button at the traffic lights and the concept of waiting is slowly coming along.

I guess road safety is a bit of an ongoing process, right now we’re focussed on chatting and modelling good behaviour and when she’s older we’ll incorporate apps and games. Something that works quite well with little ones is using their toy cars and people to set up little games and showing them how to do the stop and look actions. I guess it depends on your toddlers personality but Lu is the type who likes to do things ‘right’ and, thankfully for me, if I show her a certain way to do something she’ll practice until she masters it too.

What’s your little one like when they’re out without the pram? Do the walk nicely or run off like a greyhound? I’d love some more tips and advice about how to let Lu enjoy the freedom safely.

This is a collaborative post


  1. 3rd February 2017 / 7:38 pm

    I think it is important for toddlers to get out the pram sometimes and learn a bit more about safety and what is acceptable. My last children were twins, so I had to take turns, as two toddlers on the run was a nightmare! Mich x

  2. 6th February 2017 / 9:14 pm

    My son was a ‘runner’ so we had a backpack with reins attached for him so he could be out of the buggy but I knew he was safe! I still used to really enjoy walking with him though, we would go at his (slow) pace but it was lovely to watch him take everything in. x

  3. 7th February 2017 / 12:49 pm

    Road safety is really important and I think that you can start this at a young age. Pointing out the cars and where is the best place for us to walk. With us doing the school run for my eldest daughter, its been important that my youngest learns this. She likes to be free and run, which makes it interesting! x

  4. 14th February 2017 / 7:28 am

    Parker is a bit of a runner, but the childminder has actually helped massively. Since going there he has learnt to walk whilst holding on to the pram, he actually never wanders off very far – can’t bear the thought of leaving me! I think it’s important for little ones to be able to wander, there is so much learning to be done! xx

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