As you might have seen on my Twitter and Facebook, despite being back from holiday a few weeks, we are very much in a state of flux. Luisa is very jet-lagged and I’m struggling to get much done. I’m so thankful to have another brilliant guest post for you today so let’s sweep the cobwebs off this blog and enjoy.

Todays post is written by Amy from The Smallest of Things. Amy lives in the south east of England with her fiancée and two daughters, Scarlett and Lillie. In this post she talks about the transition from having one child to two – something I imagine is pretty tough but Amy is the expert here so I’ll let her do the talking!

I was told many a time that going from one child to two was one of the hardest transitions. Much harder than from none to 1 and so I’ve read anything over 3 is a breeze!!!!!! This was cause for many anxious moments.

Going from none to one was a massive culture shock for me. There I was tootling along when all of a sudden this very tiny (and very cute) human demanded every minute of my time! Geez it was tough. Suffering with what I now know to be PND didn’t help matters either. Getting out of bed was a task in itself but having to get out of bed to someone else’s demands well.. it wasn’t easy! 

So if one to two is harder I was terrified! How on earth would I cope when I struggled to adjust to one?

Actually I have found transitioning from one child to two so much smoother than none to one. I guess because I had done it before, I trusted myself to know what I was doing! Plus it just feels right. I’m happy! They’re happy. We are all just happy in our little bubble.

Yes there are days where I have considered leaving the house for a second to pull myself together. There are days where the toddler watches too much TV. I have nearly broken down in H&M because neither of the girls were cooperating. My toddler once threw a phone at the babies head and we spent the afternoon at A&E.

In my three months of parenting two I have picked up a few tricks to make the day a little easier.


There are no pressures

If at the end of the day they are both alive, you are winning! Even if the eldest hasn’t eaten a proper meal all day. It’s not like their starving!

Timing is key

You need to know what is happening and when. If the eldest still naps try and get this to happen at the same time as a feed or even better – a nap. You then have full control of the TV. Thank me later 😉

Plan and plan ahead

If you need to leave the house you need to round up the troops. Get yourself and the eldest ready so that once baby is fed and changed you hopefully have a window of opportunity! 

Find a playgroup or group where you can take both

Our Thursday morning playgroup has saved many a day wondering how I can entertain my eldest. I can sit with the baby and chat to other parents and not feel guilty as she’s off having fun!

So there you have it – my experience of going from one child to two. I hope you found it refreshing to hear some positives rather than all the negatives!


Hooray! Thank you so much Amy for the tips and reassurance that two can be better than one! I hope your enjoyed that post as much as I did. To hear more from Amy why not check out some of her best (in my opinion) posts – ‘How My Toddler Coped With A New Baby‘, ‘I Did It’ and ‘Why I Won’t Stop My Children Talking To Strangers’.

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