If you’ve been paying attention lately you’ll know Luisa has come up to a year of weaning. I can hardly believe it’s been that long, to be honest. This will be our last instalment as part of the HiPP Organic Wean Team but I’m sure I’ll be rabbiting on about Luisa’s diet for years to come.



I find it hard to see myself as having any kind of wisdom to impart when it comes to parenting. I still feel very much live a novice. But I’ve gotten this far so I must have something vaguely informative to share! Our weaning journey got off to quite a slow start, Luisa wasn’t really ready at 6 months but we never put any pressure on her.


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Honestly, if I could sum up my parenting style in one word I’d say lazy. You can call it baby led or free range but we all know I’m looking for the path of least resistance at all times. My advice, when it comes to weaning, is take it slow. Follow your babies cues and read expert advice but don’t be afraid to form your own conclusions.


The reason I’m a fan of HiPP is that they don’t like to rush things either. When growing and manufacturing they choose fruit varieties that are in season and harvest when they taste best. The ingredients they use are very low in acid, to make their recipes easier for babies’ sensitive stomachs to digest.


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Over the course of the year, I’ve written about a lot of different aspects of weaning. I’ll include some links here so you can jump around and save me repeating myself.


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Toddler Nutrition



As I’ve said before I’ve really enjoyed Lu’s weaning journey, it’s still ongoing but I feel confident she’s had a great start. I’ve learnt loads from the resources on the HiPP website and from their nutritionist Helen.

HiPP offers a range of nutritional, tasty foods suitable for every stage of weaning. You can view the full range here https://www.hipp.co.uk/food-drinks/