If you are anything like me, you really look forward to weddings. They are a chance to celebrate a special event, catch up with friends and family, enjoy nice food, and, of course, dress up.


Finding an outfit for a summer wedding is rarely difficult. There are always plenty of nice dresses available in the shops that will work for a wedding. You don’t even need to spend a lot of money, the choice on the high street is so good. Provided you buy one that is made from quality material and is a good fit, you can add a few luxury or high-end accessories to turn it into a special outfit.

Winter weddings are a bit trickier. The fact that there is a good chance that the weather will not be great means that you cannot get away with just buying a lightweight dress. You need to think about how you will stay warm and dry throughout the day.



The Dress

That is not to say that a dress cannot work really well for a winter wedding. If you are only going to the reception, a little black dress, with a few glamorous accessories, can work well. However, they are not suitable if you are attending the service or a daytime wedding. Of course, black is a sophisticated colour, but you need to bear in mind that the older generation still associates black with funerals. As a result, you can easily offend people by wearing black to a wedding ceremony.

A far better option for a winter wedding is either a print dress, or one in an autumnal colour. There are some lovely warm red and purple dresses available at the moment, and dark blue is also very popular right now.

If you do opt to wear a dress, it is usually wise to buy a jacket to wear over the top, in case it is cold. For those who easily get chilly a lightweight cardigan is a good idea. You just need to make sure that it is not so long that it pokes out under your jacket. The idea is to be able to wear it without other people necessarily being able to see it. Of course, if it is a nice cashmere cardigan you may not want to cover it up at all.



Staying Warm

To keep yourself warm, it makes sense to choose an outfit that looks right with tights. If you feel comfortable, and do not think it will upset anyone, another option is to wear a pair of tailored trousers instead of a dress or skirt suit.

If you do not have a suitable coat to wear, it is well worth buying a wrap. It is also sensible to wear covered shoes.

Interestingly, while researching this article, I noticed that a lot more department stores are now selling bridesmaids dresses, as well as outfits for the Mother of the bride. If you are a bride on a tight budget, buying your bridesmaids dresses from a High Street retailer rather than a specialist retailer, could be a good idea. Doing so could leave you with more cash to splash on your wedding dress, or the honeymoon.