A few weeks ago Luisa achieved a major milestone, she graduated from the HiPP Organic Wean Team. We had a brilliant day in Birmingham celebrating a year of weaning with some lovely bloggers and members of the HiPP team. Here’s the skinny on what we got up to.The graduation party was held in Birmingham Botanical Gardens which is a gorgeous venue! If you’re local to the areas definitely check out the grounds.

The graduation party was held in Birmingham Botanical Gardens which is a gorgeous venue! If you’re local to the areas definitely check out the grounds, there were some fab art installations on display when we visited. The HiPP team had set up a great space for all the tots to enjoy full of toys, comfy seating and photos taken throughout the year.



The event was a lot of fun for the little ones who definitely enjoyed each others company. The first order of business was a bit of a focus group. HiPP told us about some exciting plans for new product lines and bounced some ideas off us. It was actually really interesting to learn more about product development and to hear the other parents perspective on things like packaging.



HiPPs nutritionist Helen was at the event and took the opportunity to give us some advice on our toddlers diet for now and in the future. It was really helpful to get some insight about what might be around the corner. They key points about toddler nutrition that I took away were:

  • Food refusal is a normal part of toddler development.

  • Keep offering them new tastes as it can take up to 10 times f.or the to come round.

  • Toddlers’ stomachs are only about a third of the size of an adult but they need nearly three times as many calories per kg of body weight.

  • This means their food needs to be energy and nutrient dense.

  • It’s also important to give them a supplement containing vitamin D and vitamin A if your child is dairy free.



Following the presentation, we broke up for lunch and I let Luisa have a bit of a run around the hot house, she really enjoyed playing in the grounds and of course demolished her meal. For me, the highlight of the day was definitely the awards ceremony. The HiPP team had put together a special award for each member of the wean team and shared some funny photos from the course of the year. Luisa was honoured with the messiest eater award which didn’t come as a big surprise!


I made a little video of our day at the HiPP graduation ceremony, it was a long one and I was beyond tired by the time we landed back in Belfast so please excuse the shaky footage.



It was absolutely lovely to catch up with the other parents involved and celebrate a year of weaning. That being said, our journey is far from over – in actual fact, I think the trickiest days with food are probably still ahead.

Thanks so much to HiPP Organic for a wonderful event. You can read the rest of my weaning posts here.