Christmas is that heady mixture of joy and stress. If you have a baby or a toddler, both of these are likely to be ramped up. It makes it that much more difficult to do the Christmas shopping and all the preparations if you have a little one to look after. To tip the scales towards the joy end of the spectrum, follow these simple tips.



  1. Make It As Easy As Possible For Yourself

There’s no point in making things hard. Traipsing around a busy shopping centre with a stroller is not fun. Either enlist a babysitter or shop online at stores like Many places deliver right up to Christmas Eve, leaving you more time to focus on your family.

  1. Delegate

Nobody can do everything. And if they can, they’re likely to feel so frazzled and worn out, it’s just not worth it. If help is offered, accept it. If you have reliable family and friends, reach out to them and ask for a little help. This may be in the form of babysitting, help with cooking or help with the decorations, etc.

  1. Cut Back On Gifts

Review your Christmas gift list and make a few cuts. This sounds a little bah humbug, but there’s more to Christmas than gift giving. If you have a lot of friends, suggest Secret Santa. You each buy one gift and everyone receives one. This helps you cut down on the Christmas shopping and will save you some money.

  1. Take Time Out

Take some time out from everything. This includes baby duties. Even if it’s just for a couple of hours every so often, take some time just for you. Get into the Christmas spirit and do anything that takes your fancy. Watch some Christmas films, go to see a pantomime, go to a carol concert, or have a nap. Whatever it is you fancy doing, carve out some time to do it and get some help with the little ones.

  1. Prepare In Advance

Christmas Day is a wonderful time for children. It’s all about the magic of Santa, opening presents and dressing up. Immerse yourself in this and make the most of the day. Don’t spend it cooped up in the kitchen cooking and then washing the dishes. Do as much as you can in advance. The turkey can be prepared the day before, and some people even cook it in advance. You can also prep the vegetables ready for Christmas morning.

  1. Let Someone Else Host Or Eat Out

If you always host the Christmas dinner, maybe this year it’s time for someone else to take their turn. If your parents or siblings offer to cook, take them up on it. This will save you having to plan, shop and then prepare a big meal.

Another possibility is eating out. Go along to your local and enjoy their festive food. You get to soak up the atmosphere, chat with other locals and enjoy the food without the hassle of cooking and clearing up.

This year, make it as easy as possible for yourself. Take the hassle out of Christmas and free up some time to enjoy the festivities with your family.