Dear Santa;

This year, all I really want for Christmas is a toddler that sleeps through the night. But as that’s not likely to happen I’ll settle for any of this lovely lot.

Thanks Buddy,

Exhausted Mama






To help me have a super grounded 2017 I’d like The Gratitude Journal from Apples & Pips. Shout out to my second favourite Hannah who founded this lovely business this year.

Prosecco lip balm, yes really! Who doesn’t need some of this?

Eden Mill love gin – I sampled this gin with a pink grapefruit tonic in Edinburgh a few weeks ago and it is divine! All the gin by Eden Mill is handmade in Scotland in traditional copper sills. The bottle is pretty cool too, I can see it looking fab with a candle in once I’ve polished the gin off.

Prestat make the absolute best chocolate gifts and these salted caramel truffles are right up my street.

For effortless mum waves I need a big chunky curling wand and this one has good reviews plus it’s gold… need I say more?

A good cup of tea is the fuel of all freelancers. For a little bit of retro fun I’d love this moomin mug.

Ok so total blogger problems here but I really do need a daylight bulb for better photos and filming in the winter months.




What’s on your Christmas wishlist this year? I’d love to know, mainly because I’m a nosy so and so. Also, I haven’t actually done any Christmas shopping for my poor family yet so I’m in need of ideas!



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