This Sunday we move house. This Sunday. I’ve already talked about the reasons why we’re moving and shared some tips to make the process easier on a toddler. Today I’m focussing on the fun aspect – how we want to style our new home.

Although we are still renting we’re moving to an unfurnished property and planning to stay there for 3-/4 years so we want to make it a real home. Whenever you accumulate bits and pieces over the years you can end up with a home that doesn’t have a cohesive theme or look. Think less Pinterest and more jumble sale.

That’s not to say we don’t have some cracker furniture or that second hand is to be sniffed at. In fact, some of our best pieces are over 50 years old. Even so, we need to make a few purchases if i’m going to have the bloggers home I’m dreaming of.

I think part of the reason we don’t feel 100% settled is because we’re not happy with how our house looks. Matt & I are both pretty disorganised and extremely busy, combine that with a bit of apathy and you get a messy house. My theory its that if we can build a home we love we’ll be happier and better incentivised to keep it in good order. I’ll let you know how that pans out!

So without further ado here are some of the pieces and looks we’re aiming for in our new home, they’re mostly from Ikea but just shout if there’s anything you want a link to.


new home wishlist


Clearly I’m not made of money so we aren’t in a position to just throw everything out and start again, however tempting that might be. What we’re doing instead is looking at what we already have and seeing how we can make it work with the addition of a few new bits.

As our new home has a proper garden we’ve got some new opportunities ahead. We really want to get a shed for Matt to store his car stuff in, some outdoor toys for Lu and I’m looking at weatherproof stores for my prams. I’d love to not have a hallway that looks like a baby gear showroom but obviously we need a really safe place to keep Lu’s wheels.

All of this won’t come cheap so we’re looking at taking out a personal loan. I’m not the best with money and have let credit cards run away with me in the past so I definitely don’t want to go down that high interest route. Especially with working freelance – it’s just too much pressure. Matt, however, is good with his finances which I suppose you’d expect given he works in a bank!

I’ve looked at borrowing £3,000.00 over a 3 year period. I found a rate of 4.6% APR representative so that means a monthly cost of £89.18. The total amount payable by us would be £3,210.55 over 3 years. Honestly I think thats a pretty fab deal. £3000 would be enough to purchase the outdoor equipment we’re after as well as a new sofa, an integrated dishwasher, a new TV and some home furnishings.

In fact we’d probably have a bit left which I would put towards my driving lessons. Another great thing Matt pointed out about this particular loan is that there are no fees for early repayment so we could make bigger monthly payments to clear the loan faster if we wanted too.

So what do you think of my new home wishlist? Have you got an tips on places to pick up good deals on furniture or creative pram storage solutions?