Being a parent, as I’m sure a lot of you know, is tough. Your time is already stretched by the day-to-day chaos you have to go through to put food on the table and keep a roof over your head. After that, there’s all the cooking and cleaning that makes a house a home. At the end of it all, there’s very little opportunities for getting closer to your daughter, and creating those precious moments you can keep looking back on. If you’re worried you’re not spending enough quality time with your daughter, here are a few ideas for a wonderful day together.


The Royal Spa Treatment


Like almost every other girl, your daughter probably came up on a healthy diet of Disney princess movies. Even if your daughter is in her teens and has outgrown dressing up like Snow White, there’s probably a part of her that still wants to feel like a princess! The easiest way to help her do this is planning a girls-only day at the spa, complete with makeup application, facials, and the mandatory mani-pedi. If a fancy spa day isn’t within your budget, or your daughter’s a little young for adult beauty treatments, you can easily have a more affordable version at home. Surprise her with her own set of age-appropriate products, like lip gloss and pressed powder.


Take Care of Animals Together


Like many young girls, your daughter might be absolutely obsessed with animals, and always daydreaming about her future career as a vet, a zookeeper, or owning her own stables. If you share her passion for animals, then why not make a day of it? There are many different projects that mothers and daughters can do together to make life better for animals. You could set up a donation drive or bake sale for your local animal shelter, volunteer there yourself, or look around at nearby zoos that will let you be “zookeeper for a day”. Of course, if you’ve already got a pet you both love, then simply taking care of them together can be a wonderful bonding experience. Set a date for bathing your dog, grooming or worming your horse, or anything else your pet is due for.


Get Creative


A lot of us don’t have a single creative bone in our bodies. However, if you’re a particularly creative person, this could be a fantastic way for you to spend more quality time with your daughter. Look around online for some inspiration, and settle on a project you’d both want to have a go at. If you’re particularly passionate about painting or some other creative outlet, then try not to take over the process too much. I know it can be easy to let your passion for creativity run away with you, but if you really want to inspire something similar in your daughter then you need to let them take some control over it. Even if both of you are hopeless with artsy stuff, go to a local workshop or class. You’ll have a laugh at the very least!