Can you believe it’s almost a year since we started weaning Luisa?! That is just crazy to me, it’s actually scary how fast time passes and at the same time it’s wonderful to look back and see how far she’s come.

weaning collage


As you know we’re part of the HiPP Organic Wean Team so we’ve been really lucky to receive tonnes of expert tips as well as lovely samples over the past year. As the experts in organic baby food, HiPP know the importance of eating tasty, wholesome food, using only the very finest ingredients full of nutritious goodness. HiPP have some useful tips to help you if you are weaning your little one here. If you’re in the first four weeks of weaning, this handy guide could also help you out.


We took a baby led approach to weaning so despite the fact that we made use of HiPPs lovely jars and pouches we encouraged Lu to feed herself as much as possible. We started out with some finger foods and gave her a hand with the pureed fruit and veg. Once she was more confident we used pouches as dip or mixed them into porridge. Another great use for a fruity pouch is as a replacement for jam.


For me the best stage of weaning came from around 11 months on when Luisa started to enjoy food with lumps, it was a pleasure to watch her tuck into pasta the like. She made such a mess but really enjoyed the whole experience.


Graduating to toddler meal tray was another really fun milestone – Lu adores these and has 3/4 a week in addition to home cooked meals. I find them really practical especially when Matt and I are very busy with work because we never need to worry that Luisa won’t have a nutritious meal. Also, she has genuinely never had a meal tray that she didn’t like so that’s a big win for me.


HiPP took some of the advice myself and the other Wean Team members have shared and made this cute infographic – can you spot Lu?


wean-team-info-graphic_06-01 weaning


Looking back at our experience of weaning, honestly it’s been a blast. Lu was pretty slow to get into it and I started to worry but there was no need. The same baby who wasn’t fussed on food until about 8 months old reached out and lifted a roast potato off her Dads plate last weekend and ate it like and apple!

My top tip for weaning, above all else, is to stay calm and enjoy it. There will be mess, there might be tears but it will all come together in the end.