A few weeks ago I received a nappy clutch from Messy Me. I had been thinking about getting a product like this for a while as I often found it a pain to bring a big baby bag out on short trips. I thought a nappy clutch would be the perfect product for us as it can just be chucked under the pram containing the essentials.




I choose to review the vintage floral design which is a lovely delicate print. Most of my baby things are fairly neutral because I’m not a big fan of ‘girly’ styles but I decided this would be a nice little touch. The nappy clutch was really well packaged and wrapped in tissue paper – something I always appreciate. I know it’s just a little detail but I think when you buy something that’s a big of a treat or a gift it’s lovely when the company go the extra mile with packaging.




My first impressions were really positive – the design was actually even nicer than it looked on the website. The nappy clutch has strong seams and a velcro fastening. There’s also a small changing mat inside. I really like the mat because it’s not padded so doesn’t take up a lot of space and is perfect for popping down when you’re not sure how clean a surface is.


Over the last few weeks I’ve used the nappy clutch religiously and found it to be really practical. As I said above one of the perks is that it’s great for a quick trip to the shops. You can fit in a few nappies, wipes, a bib, your phone and bank card with no difficulty.

Another good thing about having one of these is that when it’s in your big baby bag you can reach your hand it and quickly identify the essentials! There’s nothing worse than being faced with a leaking nappy and having to root through an absolute tardis of a bag looking for changing gear.




Something else I feel is worth noting is that it’s perfect for grandparents. I think I’ve mentioned a few times that Luisa has been going out with her grandparents more often on the weekends. Just a few hours here and there but it’s been great for all of us. My mum will often pick her up and take her for an hour or two which leaves me with two free hands to focus on bringing home the bacon! Whenever either set of grandparents come to collect Lu it’s really handy to be able to give them the nappy clutch as there’s no fuss – everything they could possibly need for a few hours in the park or at soft play will fit inside.




All in I would reccomend the nappy clutch from Messy Me – there’s a design to suit everyone, it’s very practical and well made. You can buy one from Messy Me directly for £18.50 which I personally think is great value based on the amount of use I’ve already got from the nappy clutch.