I know it sounds silly but I had sort of decided that because I’m not an amazing photographer that it just wasn’t my ‘thing’. Of course that doesn’t make any sense because why would I be good at something I’ve never really tried? I mean you don’t come out of the womb with a camera in hand! Photography is a skill and can surely be learnt and cultivated with time and practice.


The first thing I did on my journey to become a better photographer was agonise over which camera to buy. I needed something I could use for vlogging too as I couldn’t afford two fancy cameras. With this in mind I started looking at the canon g7x and the Sony a5100 with interest. After much digging I decided I had to go for a mirrorless camera so that I had room to grow. I needed a kit that could expand with the addition of new lenses as I progressed.

If you’re interested in reading more about the G7x here’s a detailed review from Mum Track Mind.

Another beautiful mirrorless option is the Lumix GX80. Here’s a review from Sorry About The Mess.


Eventually I struck gold when I discovered a fellow blogger who’s pictures I’ve always admired was selling her Samsung nx1000. This little camera packs a punch and came to me with 3 fabulous lenses. In the interests of keeping this blog post visually appealing here’s two photos I took over the last few days. Please note these are just JPEGs and not edited.





The lovely blogger I bought the kit from is Jaime Oliver who you’ll know from The Olivers Madhouse & Not That Jaime Oliver. One of the reasons I love Jaime is because, like myself, she’s really sentimental. One of the reasons she was really glad to be able to sell the camera to someone she knows is because it’s been such a big part of her life. Maybe you think we’re both daft but bear with me for a minute here….


If you think about it a camera captures so much. Those photos of your children, your pets, your home – they are precious memories that you save, upload or treasure forever. But it’s not just the photo that’s special in my opinion. It’s also the trusty little camera that’s been there for every first, clicking away and witnessing your families lives unfold, committing it all to tiny pixels. ( I told you I’m a sap)


I thought it’d be nice for me to share some of Jaimes most treasured captures with you and it’s a good opportunity to show off what the NX1000 can do.







Whenever my precious parcel arrived the first thing I did was just start experimenting with the settings and tried to make the most of natural light. I took a few shots that I’m really proud of but I still have a lot to learn!





My next step was, of course, to hit the blogs of photographers I admire to see what pearls of wisdom they have to share. Here’s a few great posts that I’ve found really helpful so far.


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As it turns out all this lurking on the internet really does pay off because today I found the ultimate resource. A Stanford professor, Marc Levoy, has published his entire digital photography course online for free. The course assumes no prior knowledge of photography whatsoever. It covers pretty much everything you’d ever want to know about photography. Covering a multitude of technical aspects from the basics to extremely in-depth. There are slides, podcasts and YouTube videos to tutor you in every aspect of digital photography. As you’ll see the site is currently a bit overloaded with requests but just read the text in red for a work around.

I’ve only been aware of this course for 24 hours and already feel like my brain is expanding with new terms and the possibilities for growth are endless.







Obviously I still have a lot to learn but i’m really excited to develop my style and capture some precious memories. As my photos get better maybe I’ll even be able to share some of my own tips along the way.

As I said above the shots I’ve shared are just unedited Jpegs, I’m going to get to grips with RAW files and editing soon!