Welcome back to another instalment of Bookish Bloggers, by some miracle I’m actually posting two weeks in a row! Go me. Last week we spoke to Jade of Raising the Rings – be sure to check out her post if you haven’t already.

This week on Bookish Bloggers we’re meeting Lisa from Mummascribbles. Lisa lives in hertfordshire with her partner and their son Zachary, she’s expecting baby number two in September.


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What kind of books are your favourite? Trashy? Mystery? Classics?

I am a sucker for a chick-lit! I mostly read on the train to work and quite often am rather tired from a broken night’s sleep and so I find chick-lits easier to read.  It doesn’t matter if I nod off half way through a chapter. That said, I am not really about trashy chick-lit. One of my favourite authors is Jane Green and whilst her books started out as an easier kind of read, I feel like her writing has really changed over the years and she now tackles quite serious topics within her books. Another favourite is Jodi Picoult and her books can be quite harrowing to read. I’ll never forget reading her book 19 Minutes which is about an American high-school shooting. It was a complete page turner that had my heart racing and I found myself feeling sympathy for the one person I didn’t think it would be possible to have sympathy for. I feel like chick-lit is a really broad term for the genre to be honest as so much seems to come under the one umbrella.



What is the last book you read?

I just finished reading That Girl From Nowhere by Dorothy Koomson. Dorothy is another author that can cover quite deep stories within quite a lighthearted narrative. This book is about an adopted girl who by accident discovers her biological family. The main character, Clemency, is a jewellery maker and I loved all of the references to the processes in creating her work. The book covers loss, race issues, adoption and euthanasia. It wasn’t my most favourite of her books but it was a good read nevertheless.


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If you could make it compulsory for everyone to read one book what would it be and why?

It would have to be Still Alice by Lisa Genova. This book is beautiful, devastating, heart wrenching and gutsy all in one. It’s a fiction piece, written in the first person point of view of someone who has developed early onset Alzheimer’s. I think there is so much blindness in relation to this disease, whether it is early onset or in the elderly. No-one really knows what it is like unless they know someone suffering with it and for me this was a massive eye opener and a real emotional journey. I think a lot could be learnt about the care and attention sufferers need just by having this insight into what life is like with it.


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Do you prefer to have a physical copy of a book or do you like using a kindle etc too?

I much prefer a physical copy, even though sometimes lugging them around in my bag can be a pain. I’ve read a couple of books on the Kindle and whilst it is much easier to hold and carry, there is nothing like turning the pages of a real book. Especially a brand new crisp one!



What’s the first book you can remember not being able to put down?

I have read so many books that it’s hard to remember which were complete page turners! So, I’ll be really sad and say Harry Potter…except I was pretty grown up when I started reading them. I know though, that every single one was read faster than any book I’ve ever read and I just absolutely loved all of them (yes, I totally queued at midnight on one release date!)



Is the book always better than the movie?

Yes. Absolutely. I don’t think I have ever watched a film and thought it was better than the movie. The Harry Potter films are prime examples. The movies are great but there’s nothing worse than getting to a point where you know something happens in the book and yet it isn’t featured in the film. I know they have to cut things out of the book to make the films a reasonable length but for me this is why the book will always conquer – the attention to detail is so much more. I also sometimes find it hard to deal with the person in the movie not being what I expect. I refused to watch the HP movies until I had read all of the books and there have been films that I just can’t watch because the actor is just not what I imagine in my head! I think it’s also important to give it some time between finishing the book and watching the movie. I watched Life of Pi about a week after reading the last page and was utterly disappointed with the viewing experience!


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What were your favourite stories growing up?

I remember reading The Twits and Fantastic Mr Fox a lot. I don’t think I was much of a reader as a child to be honest. I don’t think I had the attention span for it and it was always my sister who had her head stuck in a book while I was trying to annoy her trying to get her to come and play with me. I do remember The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark, Each Peach Pear Plum and Peace At Last being my absolute favourite books as a child though. I love reading the Jill Murphy books to Zach!


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Do your kids like reading with you or is it a struggle to get them away from the TV?

It’s not a struggle to get him away from the TV but it is a struggle to get his attention for longer than a couple of minutes. There are times when he will sit completely still and listen to every word and times when he loses interest after page 2. We try and read every night before bed but sometimes he is just too tired. I often find that reading is more successful in the morning or afternoon. We read a lot of Julia Donaldson books with him because they do keep his attention and he went through a stage of having to read Digger Dog and Whoosh Around The Mulberry Bush every night! His new obsessions are the two books I just bought him to try and make becoming a big brother a bit easier on him. I think because he can relate those books to what is happening to mummy and what is happening in his life, he is far more interested in them and asks questions throughout! I want him to be a good reader and enjoy reading books as he gets older so I will always make time for them. He has quite an extensive collection already!

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I hope you enjoyed hearing more about Lisa and the kinds of books she enjoys, I’ve certainly added a few titles to my never-ending list of ‘must reads’. You can hear more from Lisa on her blog Mummascribbles and follow her on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram


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