Luisa might be a long way off starting school but September still means a return to routine for us. The l.o.n.g summer is drawing to a close and that means all our little clubs and groups will be starting back very soon. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had a lovely summer but it can really drag when your other half is at work 8 hours a day and you’ve no real respite.

I can’t wait to get back into our little routine of baby clubs and swimming classes. The chance to enjoy at least half a cup of tea whilst Luisa wreaks havoc in a local church hall sounds like absolute bliss to me right now.




This Autumn it’s Tuesday that will be our hectic day. We have a mums & tots group in the morning from 9-11 then i’ll pop to the coffee shop next door to work for an hour before taking Luisa home for a quick nap. While she sleeps I need to cram as much housework (haha) and blogging in as possible because we have swimming lessons at 2.


This weekend House of Fraser kindly sent us an adorable little lunch bag from Joules. I’m going to be putting this to good use by bringing it out and about with Luisa this Autumn. It’ll come in handy on Tuesdays especially as a snack will keep her occupied whilst I work and she often gets hungry after swimming class.


house of fraser joules guinea pig lunch bag back to school


The pretty lunch bag is wipe clean, insulated and downright gorgeous. It also comes with a hard plastic box which is perfect for storing sandwiches or mini quiches in. For more lunch bag inspiration head to the House of Fraser site, it’s not too late to order one in time for school starting back!


Now that Lu is becoming a little foodie I need to make sure I have an array of snacks available at all times. I’m making more an effort to offer a wide variety which isn’t easy when she eats such small portions. One thing that I find works well is a mini buffet. I just pop out a selection of things for her to pick through and eat what she sees fit. Hummus is a current favourite!


If your little ones are heading to school or nursery in September or if you just need some meal time inspiration check out these posts from two of my lovely friends.


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Hopefully this post has give you a few new snack ideas for your little one, if you need more food for thought (sorry, I had to) I have a Pinterest board full of ideas – peruse it at your leisure.