We could all do with a little more money at our disposal, couldn’t we? Many people will tell you that if you want more money, you should earn more money. However, this isn’t always practical. To have more money, saving money is the best way to go about it. Here are 8 borderline genius money saving tips to help you out:


  1. Go With A Bank That Gives Back To It’s Customers


There are many banks out there. However, most people are with the same bank they’ve been with their entire lives. Don’t do the same as other people! It can be so beneficial to look into a bank that actually gives back to its customers. More and more banks are doing this these days. They are treating their customers to random items they have bought, and offering great interest rates. Make sure you do your research!




  1. Set Motivational Goals And Stick To Them


If you don’t have actual financial goals, then how do you expect to save any money at all? Do what smart people do. Set motivational goals for your finances, and make sure you stick to them. Work out how much you’d like to save, and why. Make sure it makes you feel motivated.

One of the things I like to do to help with this is set short term, mid term and long term savings goals. A short term goal i’d set would be to put a little aside from each piece of income for a bag or pair of shoes I have my eye on. My current ‘mid range’ goal is saving spending money for my holiday in December. In terms of long range saving i’m putting money away for Luisa and we’re about to start saving for a deposit on a house.



  1.  Always Check Deal Sites


Before buying anything at all, be it a pair of shoes, a hair product, or a new tablet, check deal sites first. There are so many money saving sites out there, but you need to be quick to snag the best deals before they run out.





  1. Save Coupons And Vouchers


There are coupons and vouchers all over the web. Don’t miss out on them! Before you order anything at all online, look for a discount voucher first.  Sites such as plusvouchercode.co.uk could be helpful, but you may need to check a few. 

You might be surprised what great discounts you find if you take a look. Just today I was about to pay £30 for a Boden cardigan for Luisa but I found a code on DealsDaddy to give me 20% off and free shipping. Winner!




  1. Make Your Own Products


Instead of buying products new, make your own. There are so many products you could make if you were willing to put the time and effort in first. You could make your own face masks, cleaning products, and even fragrances. Do your research and see what you can use that you already own.





  1. Make Your Own Presents


Instead of buying expensive gifts for your loved ones, consider making them. You’ll need to put in more time, but you’ll save so much money. They’ll love that you’ve put more time and effort into these gifts. It isn’t all about the money!





  1. Become A DIY Pro


Try becoming a DIY pro. You could learn to sew up your garments, fix small problems in your house, and even make your own furniture. Start off small, and use tutorials online to help you. Just don’t do something if it could be dangerous!



  1. Make Your Lunch


Buying lunch every day can be really expensive. Prep and make your lunch each day instead. One of the things we often do is make extra portions of dinners like pasta bake. The left overs can be popped in the fridge and use for lunches during the week.




Use these tips and you’ll save a fortune!