It seems like summer is finally here, we’ve had a few days of nice weather and there’s that buzz in the air that comes with the school holidays. Despite the fact that Lu is a long way from needing a school bag all the shops and cafes are busy with little ones and I like seeing the parks busy during the day. Lu loves it when we run into other children for her to blow kisses to.


I’m really noticing how grown up Luisa is recently for a few reasons. Firstly, she’s having a lot of opportunities to play outdoors. This means she’s crawling around parks, clambering on climbing frames and chasing my parents dogs about their garden. She’s gotten so physical recently and I think having the opportunity to play outside has really contributed to that.




The second big thing that is really highlighting how grown up she is becoming is the fact that this time last year she was a teeny tiny little thing. Being a May baby Lu spent the summer sleeping, as most newborns do! This summer is such a contrast I can’t hide from the fact that she’s fast becoming a toddler.


As part of the HiPP Organic wean team we were recently sent a lovely picnic blanket, mini cool bag and some of their new toddler meal trays. We’ve put the blanket to good use with lovely days out at the park and little picnics.




The toddler meal trays that HiPP sent us to try this month were a big hit with both Luisa and myself. She likes them because they are yummy and I like them because they take all the hassle out of dinner time.

Don’t get me wrong, I do cook for Lu regularly but after a long day out it’s great to have a nutritious option that’s ready in a matter of minutes. As you’ll know by now HiPP Organic are really focussed on making the most natural, healthy products possible.¬†HiPP work hand in hand with nature, encouraging wildlife onto their farmland to act as natural pest control. This allows their produce to grow as naturally as possible without harmful pesticides.


number pasta


Two of the new meals from HiPP have an added bonus of being a bit more educational and fun than your average pasta dinner. Lu isn’t exactly learning to count yet but I do think it helps to make mealtimes more fun having different shaped pieces. You can see the full range of toddler meal trays here.


zoo pasta



If you’d like to win a hamper of HiPP goodies just tweet me a photo of your little one enjoying a #summermoment whether it’s a day at the beach or a teddy bears picnic.