If I won the lottery I wouldn’t hang about, I’d be on the first plane out of here to enjoy myself and figure out what to do with the rest of my jackpot. Of course I wouldn’t be silly and blow all my winnings. I’d come up with a long term plan and try to lead a relatively normal life.


lottery win travel


I often daydream about this kind of thing so I pretty much have it all arranged – at least in my head anyway.

After my celebratory holiday I’d look into buying a house for Matt, Luisa & myself. We’d love something with a big garden and lots of room for all our rubbish  precious bits and pieces. My dream house would be light, open plan and very modern. I’d love a huge kitchen with those big german bifold doors that open right up to bring the garden in.


lottery win dream house patio door

Of course, my next priority would be to make sure my family were comfortable. I’d pay off their mortgages and treat them to a holiday or a new car. Something lovely to show them how much I appreciate them.


To complete my travel bucket-list i’d really need to win a hefty sum so I’ve got my fingers crossed that my numbers come up in this weeks £45millon EuroMillions draw. You should probably start being extra nice to me now, just in-case!




The first place I would go would definitely be San Francisco. Matt and I visited this vibrant city for the first time in 2012 and fell in love with the place. I love the arty vibe, the people are fantastic and the food is divine. When we were there we did so many amazing things. My favourite part of the trip was riding our bikes over the Golden Gate Bridge so that’s something I’d be keen to do again with Luisa.


Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 01.38.02


Following that I would love to try something completely different. Ideally I’d go off the grid in somewhere like Nepal or Borneo – I’ve always fancied visiting an orang-utan sanctuary.

By this point I’d be two epic trips up, have a new house and have spoilt my family. The only logical thing to do next is to visit South America, isn’t it? I’ve always dreamed of experiencing the amazing culture and food on offer. Matt and I will always have itchy feet until we make it out there. Another big bonus is that everyone will actually be able to pronounce Luisa!


Lottoland kindly gave me £25 credit to play on their site so I could get to grips with it all and write this post. I found the site really easy to use so if you’re interested in playing the lottery online definitely check them out. It’s the only site where you can play the lottery in every country so you’ve got a lot of options. I only play the lottery once in a blue moon but you never know, it could be my lucky day soon!


All this talk of a lottery win is giving me serious wanderlust, a girl can dream right? If you hit the jackpot would you plan a special trip?