As you probably saw on Instagram it was Matts birthday recently, very recently in fact. He turned 27 a few days before Father’s Day – how inconvenient! I’d already used basically all my brain power thinking ahead for his Father’s Day gift.

Sometimes I find it really difficult to get him presents for special occasions because his likes are quite specific. It’s not that I don’t know what he wants it’s that I want to buy something he hadn’t though of. If that makes sense?

Yes it’s great to open up something you really love on you birthday morning but it’s even better to be totally surprised. At least I think so anyway.


If, like me, you have a man in your life who has basically everything then read on for inspiration.


Birthday gift guide for him


Xbox/Playstation Vouchers

Vouchers might seem a bit dull or unimaginative but anyone who likes to indulge in a spot of gaming will know it doesn’t come cheap. Also, It’s a gift that keeps giving as it’ll keep your bloke occupied for months.


Chillsner Beer Bottle Cooler – £14.95

This little thing is total genius. You just pop it in the freezer for 45 minutes and it’s good to go. The Chillsner works by chilling your bottle of beer from the inside and you can still drink it while it’s in. No more winging about lukewarm drinks 🙂


William Shakespeare’s Star Wars – £9.95

There’s nothing like a bit of geek merch and I don’t think there’s a better collaboration out there than this! Okay, so it’s a bit niche but I think it’s guaranteed to raise a smile and the illustrations are fab.


Kiehls Facial Fuel – £21

This is a pretty pricy moisturiser but that the exact reason it makes such a good gift. Matt would never indulge in something like this himself. Luxury skincare or other toiletries are a great option for a birthday present, just avoid the soap on a rope.


Light Box – £19.95

Okay I’ll admit it, this one might be a little bit for me… Nevertheless it’s so cool, totally instaworthy and a lot of fun. I’m sure Matt will mainly be using it to write passive aggressive notes.


Man Candle – £10.95

I didn’t actually realised that there was such a thing as a manly candle, but there is. This brand offers scents form the woody to the whisky all in cool packaging with over 30 hours burn time. Matt has already popped this in the den/office.



So I think the old fart did pretty well for his birthday this year! I also picked him up some sweets and presented everything in a hideous Peppa Pig gift bag.

Hopefully my epic gifts have set the tone as it’s my birthday next month… Poor Matt.