You might have seen I recently posted my bloggers wishlist sharing a few bits and pieces that I’m lusting after. The whole thing really just wet my appetite and got me thinking about what my dream office would be like.

Something I really love about our house is that the attic has been converted into a useable space. Matt & I have claimed it as a grown up retreat. Currently it’s an office / second living room / bar. This setup works really well for us because the living room can be a mad space full of toys and fun things for Luisa and we still have our own space upstairs. Another perk of having this den type room up high in the attic is that you feel a million miles away from everything.

Here’s a really rubbish plan of our house so you can hopefully follow my description a bit better. I forgot the stairs leading from the 1st to 2nd floor but you get the gist.
floor plan - dream office

floor plan 2 -- dream office

As you can see with 4 levels it’s a brave climb to the top! Right now the attic looks pretty swell, it’s very much a grown up space. I love having somewhere that you don’t need to always put every potential hazard out of babies reach. Because we have this little piece of the house for ourselves all of Lu’s bits downstairs don’t really bother us, when they’re tidy anyway! In reality there’s very little I’d change about the attic space as it works so well for us both.

That being said, back in dream land, I’d have the whole room to myself! Poor Matt.


Here’s a bit of a mood board I made showing off how I’d design my dream office. In true blogger form there’s a lot of monochrome and typography. Sorry.


Here's a bit of a mood board I made showing off how I'd design my dream office. In true blogger form there's a lot of monochrome. Sorry.

Graphic Print Blinds – RoofBlinds // ‘Mini Mountains’ Lampshade – Love Frankie // Gold & Pink Garland // Coffee Print – The Motivated Type // Eames style chair // Laughter Print — Sarah & Bendrix // Chalkboard Wall Planner


For now I’m happy with the current arrangement but hopefully in a new house I’ll have my own sanctuary. Being the nosy so & so that I am I’d love to get a look at your  office / work space. If you’ve got a photo be sure to tweet me 🙂