Over the last month or so our home has been slowly turning into some kind of princess palace. First, Luisa’s birthday brought pink cards and decor in abundance. Then there were flowers leftover from her party dotted around the house. A few days later I got the first of two beautiful packages from Bloom & Wild and was plunged into peony heaven.


Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 21.10.25


Bloom & Wild specialise in high end, deconstructed bouquets that are delivered in a box that fits through your letterbox. If you’ve been on Instagram at all in the last few months you’ll have seen those slim brown boxes popping up everywhere.


The first delivery I received from Bloom & Wild was the Eloise bouquet, a mixture of bright pink peonies and acid foliage and fillers. The card enclosed named these yellow lovelies as craspedia, bupleurum and solidago. News to me!

bloom & wild eloise peony


At first the peonies were closed but it was amazing to see them start to open over the course of the day. The box contained loads of info about the flowers and tips on how to arrange them. I also really appreciated the tips on how to best care for them.


I absolutely loved the Eloise, it was a really cheerful addition to my home and attracted a lot of attention. The only downside was that the petals did drop quite quickly. This is pretty common behaviour for peonies in the best of conditions and the weather was unseasonably hot at the time. I’d say we had about 4 good days before the bouquet started to deteriorate. It was still fine after 8 days but, sadly, we had to say goodbye around day 9.


bloom & wild eloise



This week I was beyond thrilled to have a second delivery from Bloom & Wild. Much to my excitement it was another peony arrangement. As before, the blooms came individually wrapped in the slender brown box. The Lottie is a really decadent arrangement of pale pink and white peonies. As the peony season is almost over the Lottie feels like a last hurrah.




I was equally impressed with the quality of the flowers and the packaging this time around. What made things even better was the fact that it’s a lot cooler than it was in mid May. So far my Lottie bouquet has been on display in the living room for 5 days and is showing no signs of dropping.

I’m going to move it up to my bedroom tomorrow, where it will be safe from the curious hands of a baby on the cusp of walking!


bloom & wild


One of the things that I appreciate about the company is that they have a dedicated app. The interface is really straightforward, all you can see is 5-7 bouquets that are currently available to order. You click on them to find out more info and just order one. I like the fact that the process is very clean and without a lot of fuss and ad banners.

From what I’ve seen so far the typical price range is £20-£40 which, granted, is a lot more than you’d pay in the supermarket. The Bloom & Wild arrangements certainly aren’t something I’d purchase for myself on a regular basis purely because of the cost. I would, however, send them to a friend or loved one on a special occasion.