I love blogging, I see it as an opportunity to learn, to share and to meet new people. A wonderful by-product is some fantastic opportunities for reviews, travel and even paid work. However, I have encountered a little problem.

If I let it, blogging will cost me an absolute fortune. The more you learn the more tech you’re drawn to, the more successful your blog becomes the more courses you want to take and the more lovely people you meet the more conferences you’d love to attend.

It can quickly snowball and lead to every spare minute and penny being spent honing your craft and improving your technical know how. I guess it’s like any hobby, once you fall in love with something you’re hooked!

Thankfully I don’t have unlimited funds otherwise my house would be a showroom for cameras, slogan tees and cutesy notebooks. I’ve decided to try and quench my desires by making this bloggers wishlist although I fear I’ve actually just fuelled the fire!



bloggers wishlist



I’d love to know if you also have a seemingly endless bloggers wishlist. Or do you have a similar hobby that’s turned into a bit of an addiction?

All donations to my blogging domination fund gratefully accepted.


Mummy Lala