June 19th is Father’s Day, and it’s time to start thinking about gifts. If you usually go for the standard tie or socks you might feel like doing something a little different this year. I’ll have a post coming very soon of some alternative gifts I like the look of but today I have a few different options for you.

While a physical gift is fun and something he can keep, a day out can often be more exciting. He can try something new, have some time for himself or spend a day with you and the kids.

If your partner, or indeed your Dad, is anything like mine they have a lot of stuff and might value a fun experience and the memories that come with it more. There are hundreds of different experiences you can buy vouchers for. Or if you’re not sure what to get, you can get a voucher to spend on anything he wants.



Food and Drink Experiences

A lot of people will choose to go out somewhere for a meal or drinks as a treat. You might occasionally eat out, but Father’s Day is an opportunity to go somewhere more sophisticated. You could book dinner, lunch or afternoon tea somewhere posh. If you want to pick something slightly more relaxed, try a gastropub. With more sunny days in June, you can find somewhere to sit outside and enjoy your food.

If he likes to cook, there are courses that last a couple of hours where you can learn to make a meal. We have a fabulous local restaurant that has recently opened a culinary school that I’m thinking about getting my Dad a voucher for.


fathers day gastropub experience



Driving Experiences

Some men just love to get behind the wheel of any vehicle available to them. Most of them don’t often get the chance to drive something powerful. If he does his duty driving the family car, let him loose in a luxury sports car for a couple of hours as a treat. I know this is something Matt would love to do!

You could also consider something a little more unusual. For example, he can learn to drive a tank and then use his new skills to play tank paintball. If even driving a fast car or a military vehicle isn’t enough of a thrill, there’s always flying lessons.


fathers day tank experience



Active Experiences

Being active and maybe chasing a thrill is a top priority for some dads. There are hundreds of ways to enjoy an active day out. Dad could go with you, with his mates, or will all the family. There are water-sports activities to try, such as sailing, or country pursuits like clay pigeon shooting. Golf provides a more leisurely sport to try, if that’s more his sort of thing. Of course, there’s always just being a spectator instead of taking part.


fathers day sailing experience


Unusual Experiences

If you’re looking for something for an alternative dad, you can find some interesting experiences to try out. For example, what about a zombie survival experience, when you have to spend the night running from zombies? Perhaps a day sea fishing would be more his style, or an evening acting out a murder mystery. There’s no shortage of fun things to try for everyone. If you want to keep things more relaxed, you could also try a weekend away.


fathers day zombie run experience
An experience makes an excellent gift and can make some fab memories so this Father’s Day why not pass up the socks and give the gift of experience instead?