I thought I’d update you all on a few bits of news I have, nothing earth shaking just a few new ventures and the like.

When I started this blog it was just a place for me to natter on about my pregnancy and served as a tool to help me process impending motherhood. It quickly gave me more than I ever imagined; a community, true friends, wonderful opportunities and a chance to learn many new skills.

Throughout my maternity leave this new online group on friends kept me sane, offered advice and provided a lot of laughs. Working on my blog and improving my writing, design and photography skills has kept my brain from turning to mush.

Don’t get me wrong, I know this is no work of art and I’m not writing great intellectual works but I’ve come a long way.


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I’ll be honest, I knew if I worked hard and played my cards right that having a blog could lead to some opportunities with brands. I was fully aware that bloggers with a good following attracted products for review and even payment for their time. That wasn’t why I started all of this but i’m not ashamed to say it’s something I hoped would happen for me.

I’ve had some brilliant opportunities to review products I could never afford and even attend events around the county. I’m at a place where I’m making a very modest income from my blog and I’m hoping my new ventures will mean we are better off financially. Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not sitting at home spewing out drivel and making a fortune. I’m keeping the lights on. Nothing more!


One thing I truly never expected was for all this hammering away on a keyboard to lead to a new, legitimate career. In fact I’m at such an early stage of my latest venture I struggle to even use the word career.

I’ve recently started a course to learn more about social media management and marketing. It’s something I’ve been interested in since school and a skill I’ve developed through blogging. I’ve also been given an amazing opportunity to work as an intern for Social Sparkle where I’m learning approximately 100 new things a day.


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I’m so extremely thankful to everyone who’s ever read my blog and joined me on social media. It’s thanks to the community that I’ve had someone to talk to when I’m feeling totally alone and someone to laugh with when times are good. If it wasn’t for all of you I’d have abandoned this blog long ago and probably be working nights in a job I hate so I could spend the day with Luisa.


If we ever meet the G&Ts are on me.


life update thank you