I doubt you’ve managed to miss the fact that Luisa turned 1 quite recently so that means it’s time for her 12 month update. If, for some awful reason, you didn’t hear about the festivities you can see how we celebrated her birthday here.

The day Luisa turned one I got a rather disturbing marketing email from a brand, it was an automated thing congratulating me on the fact that I now have a toddler. I couldn’t believe what I was reading, there must have been some mistake, I most certainly do not have a toddler! Or do I?

Well, I asked some lovely blogging pals and they were quick to rally behind me in my fragile state and reassure me that Lu is still very much a baby and will remain so for as long as I say so. Of course I know she’s not a baby but she is still a baby. Not a toddler.



That being said she is changing a lot at the moment. I kind of expected things to slow down a bit but honestly in the last 4-6 weeks she has really developed a lot physically and mentally.

Just before her birthday we went on our first ‘proper’ holiday to Crete. Luisa had an absolute ball, swimming and generally charming the whole island. If you’d like to see some of our holiday photos I have a post all about it here.


Vital Statistics

Lu finally got weighed, on her birthday in fact, she was 19lb6 which puts her between the 25th and 50th centile. Nearly time for a new car seat! She’s mostly wearing 9-12 month clothes but still a few 6-9 bits and pieces and even the odd 12-18, there’s so much variation between brands it’s hard to know what’s best.



I said in Lu’s 11 month update that she was extremely restless and not sleeping a great deal. Well it seems her teeth were mainly to blame for that as she cut 3 within a few days of each other in mid April and things started to improve then. She’s still not 100% reliable at night and hasn’t slept through yet but she is generally having 2 naps a day and in much better form as a result.

We’ve recently grabbed a copy of The No Cry Sleep Solution and I’m currently reading it when I have the time. I’ll do a proper post about the book and how we’re implementing it soon but for now I’ll say I felt like a bit of a failure reaching for a ‘parenting book’. Of course I know that’s silly but thats mum guilt for you.

I’ve only read a few chapters but I can see it being really helpful. We’re going to follow the advice and start implementing a proper routine for Lu in the evenings. Hopefully it will make her feel more secure and lead to more sleep for all of us.


12 month update swing



As I said the past few weeks have been big on the milestone front. Lu now has 4 teeth and I think there are another 2 on the way. She’s created a funny crawl that’s still part bum shuffle but boy is she fast! She’s pulling up on the furniture and can stand for a little bit on her own so I imagine cruising is just around the corner.


12 month update teeth


One of the presents she got for her birthday was a ride on Minnie Mouse truck. She really loves it, there are loads of buttons and sounds – you can even fill the petrol up! I was actually really shocked at how quickly she learnt to use it. In 2 days she went from wobbling on top while we pushed her to scooting across the living room by herself. Scary stuff.


12 month update minnie mouse truck




With lots of milestones we’ve found that there’s been a period of frustration and then a moment where something clicks and Lu masters a new skill seemingly over night. I imagined weaning would be like this too but until recently we’ve had no big break throughs just a lot of the same.
Luisa has always enjoyed new tastes and textures but she’s never really eaten a whole lot. I had kind of resigned myself to it being a long slow journey. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t concerned, I’m very much of the opinion that it’s best for everyone to let baby set the pace 100%.

Over the 3-4 weeks things started to pick up a little with Lu enjoying more food and getting excited when she realises it’s time for a meal or snack. I think being on holiday was really helpful for her in terms of weaning as we had lots of time to devote to making interesting and regular meals for her. She also really loves the social aspect of eating, always talking to us and wanting to share which is totally gross.

The last week though it’s like a light bulb has switched on. She’s eating so much more and displaying stronger preferences every day. Her diet is still really varied and pretty healthy so I’m very happy that we let her take the lead as it’s really paid off now. We’ve never had a tearful meal time or tried to convince her to eat anything she didn’t want to. 9/10 something that is rejected one day will go on to be eaten later that week and beyond.


12 month update weaning nandos



These days Luisa is non stop when it comes to play and general messing. She’s still crazy about books, loves her ride on truck and has a special connection with Pandas. For her birthday she also got two cute dolls that she’s a big fan of.

She really is an incredibly social baby, everyone we meet is welcomed like a friend and no dog or baby is allowed to pass her in the street without being shrieked at. At her 12 month review the health visitor was really impressed with how social she was and actually pointed out how she was using imitation and gestures to communicate which we hadn’t actually noticed – oops! Sometimes it takes an outsider to show you these things I guess.



12 month update goat farm


Right, that’s enough blabbering on about how wonderful I think Luisa is. I’m putting myself off her already. I’m not sure if I’ll keep doing these monthly or spread them out a bit now that she’s getting older.  They’re probably quite boring for you to read but they make lovely memories for me. Watch this space.