I’m so excited to finally be able to share my good news, the wonderful team at Alphabet Babies read my BritMums Live sponsorship plea and decided I sounded like their kind of gal. I’m thrilled to be attending BritMums Live (#BML16) and to have the opportunity to work closely with this brilliant company over the coming year.


Britmums-live-16-meet-my-sponsor-alphabet-babies alphabet babies


If you aren’t a blogger you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about. Who, or what, even is #BML16?! BritMums live is a huge blogging conference held every year in London. There are talks, workshops and seminars designed to help bloggers hone their craft. There are also networking opportunities for bloggers and brands alike and a rather jolly party at the end.

Blogging can be such a solitary pursuit with many skills learnt the hard way, through trial and error. Attending a big conference like this gives you the opportunity to learn from those who are masters in their field and be inspired by your peers.


As I said above I’m working with Alphabet Babies and will be representing them at #BML16, must be on my best behaviour! Alphabet Babies are a Scottish company who produce downloadable language, literacy and communication programmes for the Early Years. They have products that can be used in a nursery setting or at home by parents.

Alphabet Babies is very much a family affair being set up by Alexis Viswanathan and her Mum Anne in 2011. Both ladies have a teaching background and are fiercely passionate about improving children’s literacy.


alphabet-babies-logo alphabet babies


I’m looking forward to starting to using some of the Alphabet Babies resources for parents with Luisa. The parent and child activity packs are suitable for ages 0-6 and are priced at £2.99. Each activity plan will keep you and your child engaged for 2 weeks to 1 month depending on how regularly you use it. Here’s come more info about what each parent and child activity pack contains:

Includes activity ideas to develop early reading, writing, listening and talking, letters and sounds, vocabulary. Includes puppet templates, printable activities, book recommendations, support for handwriting, and lots of activity suggestions to keep your child engaged for hours! We give you both the Babies and the Juniors plan so you can choose the activities to best suit your child. There is no set order. Begin with your favourite letters, or the letters in the name of your child to get you started.


Later this week I’ll have a new post about Alphabet Babies introducing you to Alexis and picking her brains about how she managed to set up this amazing company and raise twins at the same time! I’ll be asking her more about the Alphabet Babies programmes and getting her tips for promoting literacy from an early age. If you’ve any questions you’d like to put to Alexis please leave them in the comments or tweet me.