I find it almost unbelievable that I’m writing Luisa’s 11 month update, this means I almost have a 1 year old! This time last year we were still feeling very much nonchalant about her arrival, expecting her to be late and not show up until June. Little did we know she’d be making an unscheduled arrival on the 12th May.

Lu has been under the weather with a cold this past week so we actually had to cancel her second Meningitis B vaccination, consequently we haven’t seen the nurse to find out her weight. All being well she’ll have that date with destiny next Wednesday. I’ve also been chasing up the health visiting team to get L on their radar so there’s a chance we’ll see someone soon. I suspect they’ll postpone until after her birthday so as to carry out her 1 year review and save the need for a second visit.

In other news we’re preparing for her birthday party and our holiday to Crete at the end of April. I’ve done quite a bit of shopping for L so I’ll be sharing what I’ve bought soon. I’m quite anxious about keeping her happy on the flight so I’m looking for a few small, new toys to hopefully wow her with.

Anyway, on with Luisa’s 11 month update.

luisa guitar collage



What routine!? If you read my recent rant you’ll know that the last two weeks everything we once knew has gone out the window. Luisa has hardly slept, day or night, and has been pretty unhappy generally. I think the cause is a combination of teething, having the cold, her age and frustration at not being mobile. The last few days she’s been a little better having a few more naps but she’s still very highly strung and restless. Fingers crossed we’re coming out of this difficult period and she’ll be back to her happy self again soon.

Luisa's 11 month update



The ability to crawl or walk still eludes Miss L but she’s making progress with the pivot and shuffle. She’s also able to stand really well if you plonk her on her feet and occasionally pulls herself up on the furniture. She got a walker this week as an early birthday present. I wasn’t going to bother with one but she tried it out whilst we were shopping in Mothercare and she was so happy to be able to scoot around that I was instantly convinced. The one we went with in the end was actually from Smyths, it has a musical element (joy) and the toy tray is removable so she can use her own for a bit of variety too.

She doesn’t have any real speech yet, still lots of baby babble. That being said she can communicate really well with her own little language and gestures. It’s pretty clear when she’s trying to tell or show you something interesting. When someone enters a room after an event, for example the microwave dinging or something falling over, she’ll tell them about it by pointing and babbling.

She also extends her arms to be picked up and understands the sign for drink/water. I’m going to try to incorporate a few more signs into our day to see if she picks them up too.

A few weeks ago it seemed like she was saying dog but it’s not been consistent enough to crown as her first real word.

Luisa's 11 month update standing


Weaning is going extremely well. The last few weeks L has kicked it up a gear and is really enjoying her food. She always had fun with it but she’s eating a greater volume now. I’m so glad we took a relaxed approach as now she’d really confident and I know she’s genuinely interested in the food as she has total control over whether or not she eats.

Her favourite things at the minute are blueberries and pasta. We’ve been using a few of the meal trays from HiPP Organic and their 10 month plus chunky jars, her favourite so far it white fish risotto. I’m finding it really convenient to offer her these for dinner as sometimes our food isn’t suitable for example if there’s too much salt or spice. That being said during the day she mainly eats ‘adult’ food like fruit and veg.

I tend to offer her snack / picky meals for breakfast and lunch as these aren’t as messy and at dinner time I let her go wild as a bath awaits. A few days ago she fed herself independently using a spoon but usually her hands are the preferred tool.

Luisa's 11 month update



Despite being out of sorts Luisa is still very playful and sociable. She loves to talk to everyone and screams with delight when she sees a familiar face. Her favourite games involve peek a boo, tickling and being chased.

She’s recently shows a really strong love for all toys with faces for examples teddies and dolls. She doesn’t have a proper doll of her own so that’s something I’m looking out for with her birthday coming up.

I’m also looking for more messy play activities she might enjoy as much as the edible play dough. I’m going to have a hunt on Pinterest for baby safe paints etc.


Luisa's 11 month update

Team no sleep

All in it’s been a hard month but looking back there are certainly more positives. Writing this has actually made me see how much she’s changed recently and give me a little bit of insight into how it might feel for a small person to have so much flux and uncertainty. Fingers crossed she starts getting the sleep we all desperately need again!