A few weeks ago Matt & I were offered the chance to try a new product from Freida’s Pantry, we were sent samples of the Super Charged Food Bar to put to the test. As new parents we’re really busy and don’t always have time for a proper breakfast so we were both keen to try out something to help us have a healthier start to the day.

Freida’s Pantry is a crew of awesome Mums dedicated to making snacks that serve a real purpose. They are already well known for their breastfeeding support bars ‘Feeding Food’ that get rave reviews. The company also make bars designed to help give you a boost pre-conception called ‘Fertile Food’.


freida's pantry supercharged food bar


The Super Charged Food Bar is handmade in the UK with no nasty preservatives or additives. It’s made up of 9 super seeds, nuts and grains including chia seeds and quinoa. This means the bars are really nutrient dense packed full of proteins, fibre, amino acids, antioxidants, omega 3 – The list goes on!

I thought the bars were really delicious, I had them for breakfast or a snack and honestly wish I hadn’t let Matt know he could help himself. I should of said they were some sort of ladies only item! Alas, he also loved them and ended up taking one to work most days until we ran out.

The Super Charged Food Bar has a slight aniseed taste thanks to the fennel. As a big fan of anything vaguely resembling a black jack I loved the taste. Don’t worry though, it’s not a strong liquorice flavour!


I definitely think the bars helped to give me an extra boost and stopped me snacking mid morning. I was previously leaving breakfast until after Luisa was down for her nap and this meant I was really hungry and more likely to reach for Nutella on toast than a healthier option. As I said before thy’re not just for mums, dads are also partial to them! They are really well suited to anyone needing a pick me up be that post exercise or after a long night pacing the floors with baby.


If you’d like to give your morning routine a kick up the backside you can buy the Super Charged Food Bars directly from Freida’s Pantry. They’ll only set you back £1.10 per bar if you buy 5 or more & are also stocked at Ocadao & Wholefoods.

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