As the Mum of a 10 month old baby I’ve been obsessed with sleep for as long as I can remember. I’d estimate I spend a good 3 hours a day putting Luisa to sleep; wondering when she’ll wake up, talking about sleep, researching sleep, wondering if she’s tired, wishing I had more sleep. If there’s any tip, trick or gadget out there that’s supposed to promote sleep I am always keen to try it. When we were given the chance to try out the Gro Anywhere  Blind from The Gro Company I practically offered to pick it up from their warehouse myself.

Luisa does have a reasonably good routine and it’s been established in the same pattern since she was about 5 months old. She will wake up around 7.30, have two naps at around 9.30 and 3.30 and go to bed at 7. She still wakens in the night to feed, usually at about 5am.

Recently there have been a few changes in our lives which have threatened to disturb this long-established routine. We moved from Scotland in November and spent around a month having extended sleepovers in the Grandparents houses. Following that period of flux we moved into our own place and took the opportunity to put Luisa into her own bedroom. This was a big change for her and coincided with a lot of brain development which had turned her into a nosy little so and so. If there’s any little noise or thing out-of-place she notices right away and wants to investigate. This doesn’t make putting her down to sleep very easy. Thankfully it was at this point that the Gro Anywhere Blind came into our lives!


The first thing I appreciated about the Gro Anywhere Blind when it arrived was the travel bag it came in. This makes it easy to transport should you want to bring it on holiday or to visit friends and family. We’ll be bringing it on our trip to Crete in April and hopefully it will help to create a relaxed and familiar sleeping environment for Luisa.

The blind is pretty easy to put up – you basically just attach a load of suckers to the window and voila! Initially I had a few problems making it look nice as there was excess fabric but I referred to the Gro Company website and figured it out. I’ve popped their video below for you to have a look at the blind in action.


Since installing the blind I’ve noticed positive results. When I take Luisa up to her room to go to sleep the environment is always the same, dark and warm! I follow the same routine of changing her nappy, sitting down in a comfy chair to feed her and transfer her into her cot once she’s finished. I definitely notice a big difference if I try to put her to sleep somewhere else – like a friend’s house. She gets distracted by the new environment and doesn’t make the connection that it’s now time for bed. When we are staying over at someones house I now make sure to bring the Gro Anywhere Blind with us and I don’t have any of these problems.

Gro Blind

Here’s a photo from the first time I put up the blind. As you can see I didn’t get a quite right – the blind isn’t aligned with the edge of the window properly. Even though it’s not installed 100% right in this photo you can see how much of a difference the Gro Anywhere blind makes in less than 5 minutes.

My second try was much more successful! It still doesn’t eliminate all of the daylight because the top section of the window opens I couldn’t get the blind totally flush but the room is virtually pitch black. When you move across the room away from the window you can’t see your hand in-front of your face.

Gro Anywhere blind 2

You’d be hard pushed to find a window that’s too big for the Gro Anywhere blind as it will fit a window up to 130cm x 198cm. The RRP of the blind is £29.99 which I think is a small price to pay for some uninterrupted sleep! Testament to it’s popularity is that fact that you can buy the Gro Anywhere Blind in a lot of places – directly from The Gro Company, Amazon, Boots, John Lewis… The list goes on!

*I was sent the Gro Anywhere Blind for review purposes but all opinions are my own*