It’s hard work looking after a poorly child. You need to deal with all the gross things that come with having a little one who’s under the weather and still keep all the other plates spinning. When Luisa isn’t well I find it difficult enough to keep going on very little sleep without the added stress of worrying that whatever bug or virus she has could develop into something more sinister.

That’s why when I was offered the opportunity to try out the Kinetik non-contact thermometer I jumped at the chance. Any gadget that can provide a bit of extra reassurance is welcome in my house! Read on to find out what I thought and enter the giveaway at the end if you’d like to try one too.

kinetik non-contact thermometer review


The Kinetik Non-Contact Thermometer uses infra-red technology to take an accurate temperature within one second. You just point it at the forehead of your child (or malingering partner) and push the button to scan. There’s no faffing around with hygiene covers and the patient doesn’t even need to be awake.

My first impressions of the thermometer were good. It’s small, light and unobtrusive. There was no complicated setup process and the instructions are short and sweet.


kinetik non-contact thermometer review


One feature I really appreciate is the fever alarm which goes off when a temperature of over 37.5 degrees is detected. Unfortunately I recently had cause to appreciate this feature as Luisa was poorly last week. She had been unwell on Thursday night and had a fluctuating temperature. I decided to call the GP first thing on Friday who thankfully saw her that morning and we were back home with some Alvedon in no time. She made a speedy recovery but having the thermometer made me feel a lot calmer as I was able to keep track of her progress myself.


Another bonus is that you are able to save 25 recent readings so you can just focus on looking after your child rather than making notes in your phone or on a scrap of paper.


kinetik non-contact thermometer review


The Kinetik non-contact thermometer can also be used to read the surface temperature of liquids such as milk or bath water and as a room thermometer. It’s really easy to switch between the 3 modes as well as change the display from celsius to farenheit.


All in I’m really impressed with this thermometer and would recommend it for any parent but particularly a first time one in need of extra reassurance. You can pick one up from Argos, Amazon, Tesco or directly from Kinetik. The RRP is £19.99


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