Mother’s Day is fast approaching and I honestly really don’t expect to be showered with gifts. It’s not that I don’t think Matt will pick up the gauntlet on L’s behalf it’s just that we’re not really the type of people to make a big deal out of these things. For Valentines we usually just get each other a card and make a nice meal – for example. As you might have seen I’ve already had a lovely bouquet from The Flower Studio recently and I certainly wouldn’t say no to another delivery of those.

All I really want for my first Mother’s Day is a nice breakfast and a fun day out with my two favourite people. We’ll probably visit our own mums over the weekend, if not on Mother’s Day, to leave off a little present for them and head to St George’s Market on Sunday.

That all being said I couldn’t resist the urge to put together a quick wish list of the things I’m really coveting at the minute. To be honest I’m so set on having the denim pinafore I doubt I’ll make it to Sunday without buying it for myself!

mother's day wishlist


Another reason I’m not expecting to be on the receiving end of anything lavish is that I have a shiny new Macbook arriving soon, hence the case I’ve featured above. I doubt I’ll be able to bring myself to use it before I’ve got something to protect it. I wonder can you get bulletproof cases?

As I said I really won’t be disappointed if I don’t get a single gift. Maybe it’s partly because I’ve never had a Mother’s Day before, I’m not sure. I’d love to know your thoughts on Mother’s/Father’s Day. Do you usually get lovely gifts? Come June do you make a big fuss and spoil the other half?

Mummy Lala