I’ve been tagged to take part in the best post ever! The wonderful Lucy from Hello Beautiful Bear was inspired when she read a post from Kate – Pouting in Heels about her non-negotiables. The idea is that you make a list of things in life that you won’t compromise on and hold yourself to it.


The things on your list don’t need to be big earth-shaking life-altering resolutions but I promise if you make these little pacts with yourself and stick to them you will feel the benefit in the long run. The little things all add up in life for better or worse. I’m sure you agree that when you have a rubbish day or week it’s usually because of a dozen little things that have all built up and pushed you over the edge. The same can be said for a good day 🙂


non-negotiables - happiness quote


Without further ado here is my non-negotiables list. A little pact I’ve made with myself to bring more happy things into my days.


  • Focus more on growing herbs and spices. I love growing things myself but since we’ve moved I had been putting off getting started even though we have a terrace. This week I’ve made the time and I’m now growing mushrooms, basil and rocket. I don’t care if this makes me a granny I love it and there’s something really satisfying about cooking with something you nurtured from nothing.

my non-negotiables - grow your own


  • In a similar vein I’m joining Kate & Lucy in their flower buying habit. When you’re at home most of the time having some fresh flowers around really lifts the mood and brightens the place up. It doesn’t need to be a special occasion to indulge in the little things. Pretty blossoms make me happy and don’t cost a lot so from now on I’ll be buying them, regularly.

Beautiful Mother's Day flowers from The Flower Studio, Buckinghamshire


  • Get out of the house every day. Luisa & I have clubs/classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays if I didn’t make the effort to go to these we’d be really isolated. No matter how many friends and family members you have nearby at the end of the day most of them are in work 30+ hours a week while you’re at home with a baby. Getting out and about, even just to the shop or for a walk, makes me feel calmer and happier. It also has the added bonus of sending Luisa to sleep if I have a brisk pace!


  • Make more weekend plans. Even if those plans are to do nothing and just enjoy relaxing with Matt & Lu! I hate the feeling of getting to a Sunday night and realising you’ve not done anything nice / productive / worthwhile. Matt works Monday – Friday and so weekend time is precious and I want to spend it wisely. Recently we’ve been making a mental list of thing things we want to achieve every weekend for example; housework (boo), car maintenance, grocery shopping, decorating. We set a little goal of what we’ll check off that list and then make another of fun activities we’d like to do.

Last weekend we worked on Luisas nursery, collected our new fridge-freezer, had breakfast with my parents, visited Matt’s parents, went to the museum and had a brilliant time all round. Time is more precious than money. Spend it with intent!

my non-negotiables happiness quote

  • Take style inspiration from the people I admire online instead of just liking their Instagram photos and wearing the same stuff that I don’t even like. I’m talking about channelling Zoe – Dress Like A Mum and wearing whatever I please without worrying if it’s too young, bright, old, patterned, impractical, loud, special etc.


Mum style



I’ve absolutely loved making this list – big thank you to Kate for starting it all and Lucy for tagging me. I’d love to see more people giving it a go so I’m nominating a few lovely bloggers to take part. If I haven’t tagged you don’t let that put you off, try it out, share your list and please give credit where it’s due to Kate and the person who tagged you 🙂


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