There’s finally a bit of sunshine today but Luisa is napping and I’ve lost my bank card so we’re stuck in! What better for me to do than have a mooch online at the all the lovely new baby clothes coming out for Spring!? I’ve picked out a lot of yellow & blue options as these colours really suit her skin. She does look sweet in pink but it can make her a bit washed out as she’s very pale.

I’ll soon be sharing a few posts all about her new bedroom; how we’re decorating, storgage solutions and of course a look in her wardrobe. For now here’s my Spring baby fashion wishlist – I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist picking these up in size 9-12.


Take a look at my Spring baby fashion wishlist


As you can see these are all just things from the highstreet. If I go down the road of independent brand’s I’ll be here all day. There are so many fantastic small businesses making beautiful childrens clothes at the minute. I’m planning to do a roundup of some of my favourites very soon.

One thing I need to do over the weekend is dig out all the sale bargains I have stashed away and see what’s in size 9/12 so it can go into her bedroom. I’m sure I’ll find a few surprises as I have a bit of a problem when it comes to sales on baby clothes! I do think it’s a really good way to save money in the long run though…


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