As many of you will know Britmums 2016 is fast approaching. The conference is to be held in London on 25th June. This is my Britmums Live sponsorship request / plea! I’d absolutely love to attend the conference this year as it’s such a fab opportunity to network and learn more about the world of blogging and marketing. #BML16 is the UKs biggest event for bloggers, brand and social media gurus with 8000 delegates expected this year.



If you’re a brand who’d like a dedicated blogger on the ground at #BML16 then read on to find out what I can offer you.

  • A blog post introducing you as my sponsor for BritMums Live 2016.
  • Your brand name included in all social media posts in the run up to, and throughout, BritMums Live.
  • A mention on my business cards which will be handed out at the event.
  • I can wear your branded clothing / badges at the event and use your stationary to increase brand awareness.
  • I’ll be tweeting, vlogging, snapchatting, facebooking and on periscope during the event so you can expect glowing mentions.
  • Free reviews of your companies products/services on my blog for 12 months, including giveaways and competitions.
  • I’ll mention you and include your links in my blog posts reporting on how the day went & what I’ve learnt.
  • Sidebar advert with a direct link to your site for 12 months from an agreed date.

All of the above are flexible and can be negotiated as I would love to build an ongoing realtionship with you – just get in touch with your ideas on how we can work together and both get a lot from BritMums Live 2016.

britmums live sponsorship request

Now all that sounds great but you might be wondering why you should pick me out of the 100s of bloggers you are probably vying for your sponsorship. Brace yourselves – I’m about to sell myself…

I’m hardworking, motivated and very active on social media. I’ve worked really hard to build a community on my blog and across my social accounts over the past 18 months. Along the way I’ve made some great relationships with PR’s and companies who can vouch for me as an all round nice gal. As I’ve never been to BritMums Live before I’m very excited about the opportunity and will be attacking the event full of enthusiasm. I’ve seen my hard work pay off in the form of ever-increasing Tots 100, Parent Blogger Club & DA ratings – if you’d like to know all my specific stats do email and I’ll be thrilled to pass the info along.  Also, bear in mind how very sad I will be if I’m not able to make it this year – I know you don’t want that on your conscience!

Luisa & I Britmums live sponsorship request

The approximate cost for your to sponsor me to attend BritMums Live 2016 and benefit from all the perks mentioned above would be as follows –

  • BritMums Live ticket – £82.31
  • Travel – £80
  • Accomodation – 2 nights – £70

I’m more than happy to bring the total cost to you to a round number of £230. I’ve cut all the possible corners to keep costs low so hopefully this is an appealing number! I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that all the services I’ve outlined above would cost a lot more if arranged individually.

If any or all of this sounds appealing please do email me and we can chat more about how we can take BritMums Live by storm together!