A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be sent some boxes of Boobbix lactation cookies to review. Boobbix lactation cookies are designed to help increase your milk supply. They are a really wholesome recipe using natural ingredients as well as free-range and organic options when possible.

boobbix lactation cookies


I was really keen to try these out as I’m hoping to express some milk to get Luisa used to having a bottle. I’m still going to keep breastfeeding her but if she would be open to the idea I’d love to leave her for a few hours so Matt & I could have a night out. I’m also going to use the expressed milk to make ice-lollys to help with her teething.

Boobbix cookies currently come in 5 different delicious flavours and are sold in very swanky looking boxes of 10 individually wrapped cookies. Once opened they are good for 2 weeks but you can freeze them for 6 months and defrost them either at room temperature or in the microwave.


Boobbix lactation cookies are made up of 4 main ingredients; oats, flaxseed, brewer’s yeast & fenugreek. This means they are packed with; fibre, iron, slow release carbs, protein, omega 3, amino acids and B vitamins. If ever you needed justification for scoffing a cookie – this is it! You can view a full list of ingredients and the nutritional breakdown on the Boobbix website.

Currently they don’t have options for mothers who have allergies/are vegan etc but this is something Boobbix are looking into for the future

boobbix lactation cookies


In my opinion Boobbix lactation cookies are genuinely delicious. Yes the samples were provided for review purposes but I can assure you I have turned cookie eating into a competitive sport since they arrived. My favourite flavour was the chocolate chip & oat – they’re really not dry at all. When I first opened the box I expected them to be a hard crunchy cookie but they are soft and very moreish. The most indulgent way to enjoy them is by heating one in the microwave and putting a scoop of ice cream on top – for extra calcium, of course.



Two cookies were all it took! seriously these things really do help to increase your supply especially if you make a good effort to have lots of water as well. As breastfeeding is firmly established my supply is exactly what Luisa needs and so I was having trouble expressing extra for bottles. These cookies have changed all that and I’ll be reaching for them in times of need in future.

boobbix lactation cookies


Boobbix have recently taken the decision to reduce the price of the box as they are expanding operations and can now offer a box of ten cookies at the lower price of £10.50. Of course this is considerably more than your average biscuit but these things really do work wonders for you milk supply. From now on I will be gifting a box to every friend who has a new baby even if they’re on the fence about breastfeeding – I think a tasty present will be a great way to open up a dialogue about the pros of breastfeeding and a really non-confrontational way to raise what can be a sensitive topic.

cookie monster boobbix lactation cookies

All in I really would recommend these to any nursing mother. Whether you’re starting out on the breastfeeding journey and keen to help your body establish a good supply or if breastfeeding is established these are great to help you express extra. Another potential use is following a period of illness – I know when Luisa isn’t well she feeds less and once she’s recovered there is a feeding frenzy as she works to up my supply again.

Don’t just take my word for it though, check out Boobbix on Instagram to see all the lovely testimonials

Keep an eye on my blog early next week as I’m going to be publishing my ideas for gifts to give a new mum – it will feature a giveaway of a lovely hamper that will include some Boobbix lactation cookies.