I’m officially the worst parenting blogger of all time as poor Luisa has never had a dedicated update post. I guess it’s because I’m always posting about her on Instagram and Twitter that I never got round to doing anything official. I’m sure she’ll forgive my negligence but for now here I am with Luisa’s 8 month update and a little summary of her life so far.

luisa 8 month update - cafe

Vital Statistics

I couldn’t tell you how much the little chubster weighs as we haven’t been to a weighing clinic since moving from Scotland. I’m certainly not concerned as she’s got rolls for days and is very content. We’re going to see the health visitor on Thursday so I’ll no doubt find out then. Looking at other babies her age she seems to be a pretty average size πŸ™‚ She’s currently just gone into 6-9 month clothing but I think that’s more to do with her height than weight.

luisa 8 month update teething


Now that we’re going to baby clubs 4/5 days a week her routine has changed a little bit. She generally wakes up around 8/8.30 and we’re out the door by 9.30/10 depending on which class we’re off too. Sometimes I leave earlier if she’s in bad from so she can have a sleep in the pram before baby club.

We’re normally back in the house by 12 when she’s utterly exhausted and will go down forΒ  nap very easily. This one can last until 2 or 3 if she’s had a particularly wild morning.

Once she’s up it’s time for a feed and playing in the house with me unless we have any errands to run. I try to make sure she is up by 2.30 at the latest to give me an opportunity to tire her out and so give her another nap before bedtime. 4.30/5 is often when Luisa takes a second nap but she does fight me on this one sometimes. If I’m having a hard day the best thing to do at this point is take her for a walk as she’s almost guaranteed to have a little sleep.

Luisa is usually asleep for 7 but this can vary by about 30 mins either side. If she has a bath she goes down really easily but I don’t like to bathe her daily, even though its loads of fun, as it can irritate her skin.

Once she’s in bed she won’t wake up until around 12 unless disturbed. She has a quick change and feed and then is back to sleep until 5am. Again, she’s only up for a little while at 5, around 15 minutes at the most.

Then it all starts again!

luisa 8 month update snow


Luisa is still breastfed and relies upon that as her main source of nutrition. We’ve been introducing solids since she was 6 months and it’s going very well. I have a more detailed weaning post you can read here. She is still mostly just having fun with food but I’m starting to notice her eating more. Luisa loves toast and prefers strong tastes like mushroom! Brocoli is still a favourite and pears are still held in contempt. She usually resists being spoon-fed unless it’s soup or porridge on the menu. I’m letting her have finger foods and putting our HiPP Organic pouches to good use by spreading the fruity ones on bread or mixing them in porridge. The savoury ones I use to dunk her veggie sticks in or put them on toast (and then sneak a spoonful in while she’s distracted)

luisa 8 month update weaning


Lu is meeting and exceeding most milestones (proud mama alert) She has been sitting up unaided since about 5 1/2 months but is yet to crawl at 8 1/2 months. Luisa loves to stand up with support and can now hold herself up for a little bit on the edge of a table or the sofa. She’s still very wobbly though so I don’t thk she’ll be walking for another few months.

She’s very vocal and is always having a chat about something. It’s still all about DADA mind you!!

Recently Lu has started to pass us her toys or food so we’re encouraging this nice sharing behaviour now πŸ™‚ She’s very interested in textures and loves to fiddle with things – especially clothes, hair, necklaces etc!

Luisa is still extremely social and hasn’t shown any signs of going through that clingy phase I read about. Whenever she spots someone she likes the look of she cranes her neck to get a better look and shouts and smiles until they acknowledge her. Loves the limelight!

luisa 8 month update style


Luisa’s favourite toys at 8 months are definitely books and balls. She’s just learnt how to throw and roll a ball much to her delight. Last week we got a library card as she was starting to run out of material I could stand and I’m planning to make her a little book bag.

Another mini obsessions is animals big or small! When she goes to either of our parents’ houses she has a field day with the cats & dogs. As she isn’t crawling they can still make an escape but it won’t be long before those chubby fingers catch a tail!

luisa 8 month update family snow


All in Luisa is a wonderful, happy, playful baby and we’re having so much fun watching her change everyday. I hope you enjoyed reading her 8 month update, I’ll be back with another soon incase I get in trouble with little miss!