Our 2015 was flanked by Christmas celebrations. Matt & I stayed in Edinburgh last Christmas as opposed to coming home to Belfast partly because of work and partly so we could have one year to ourselves. We came home to our families in early January and lucky for us they rolled out the red carpet and recreated the big day we’d bowed out of.

The first half of the year was pretty quiet as I was wiped out by first trimester exhaustion but as easter rolled around we had brilliant weather in Scotland and made the most of it. We had loads of family come to visit us in Edinburgh over the course of the year and explored lots of new places.

A lot of the big moments year were centred around Luisa from picking her pram to her dramatic early arrival. This summer we made a few trips to various parts of Ireland to introduce Luisa to our families and in November we took the plunge and moved back to Belfast.

I’ve made a little slideshow of some of our best bits, hopefully you enjoy having a look at our 2015. Here’s to another big year!

2015 by Slidely Slideshow



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