As you’ll know from my recent post about my favourite Christmas decorations making the house look and feel festive is really important to me. I love everything about Christmas, even though there are some stressful parts and moments when thoughts of loved ones who’ve passed away weigh on me. I look forward to stocking up on seasonal candles and picking out a new bauble or two to mark the year with.

If I had it my way we’d put the tree up in the last weekend of November so I could enjoy it for even longer. For that reason I was really surprised to read in a survey about Brits favourite Christmas decorations that 23% of respondants don’t have a tree at all. The main reason given for passing on a bit of greenery, faux or fir, was lack of space.

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The idea of not having a tree is a bit depressing to me but a fair point was made by Julian Potter of Baytree Interiors, who comissioned the survey.


Although some people may not have space for a tree in their home, there are other decorations that can create the holiday spirit; Christmas lights, wreaths and Christmas stocking are a great way to add festive colour to the home whilst not taking up much space.


If you’re forgoing a tree due to lack of space or because you have a particularly destructive toddler there are still lots of options available to you. Bascially every shop on the highstreet is brimming with fairylights, garlands and table top decorations so you don’t need to miss out.


nations favourite christmas decorations


You might be surprised to hear that the survey also found that Brits prefer Christmas lights to the Christmas tree. The most unexpected part, in my opinion, was that 15% of people ranked tinsel as their favourite decoration. In my experience tinsel is a bit of divisive issue with many people shying away from it completely so I was surprised to see it make the top five.

Here are the UK’s top 5 Christmas decorations:
1. Christmas lights – 42%
2. Christmas tree – 38%
3. Baubles – 24%
4. Tinsel – 15%
5. Christmas wreath – 14%


I’ve seen some great ideas on pinterest for alternatives to Christmas trees — have a look on my Christmas board to see for yourself. Maybe you’ll be tempted.

If you decided to leave the tree in the attic next year how would you decorate instead?


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