As you might know were currently reeling from a house move and have a poorly baby so Christmas decorations have been getting put up in any spare moments I can find. We’ve done a fair bit of unpacking so far and the rest of the boxes are stashed in the spare bedroom — out of site out of mind! Once the tree was looking well I turned my attention to making the rest of the house more festive and homey. Here are a few of my own ideas for quick and easy Christmas decor and one from my talented Mum.

quick and easy christmas decor hi baby blog


Winter Fishbowl

I grabbed this cocktail fishbowl in Poundland and just threw in some lights along with leftover tinsel and mini glass baubles I bought from Paperchase in the sale last January. They aren’t available any more but mini baubles are reasonably easy to come across on the highstreet. I’m not really a big tinsel fan but in this decoration it serves the purpose of hiding the battery pack for the lights and bulks the whole thing up a bit.

quick and easy christmas decor- winter fishbowl

For something that took 5 minutes to put together I’m pretty happy and Luisa loves it so it kind of doubles as a bit of a baby sensory experience.


Tunnocks Baubles

These couldnt be easier to put together and I think they look amazing on my Mums brightly coloured tree. All you need to do is smooth out the wrapper from a tunnocks teacake and then shove it on a bauble – no glue required. This would also work with the foil wrappers from quality street etc but you’d need a few more to cover your bauble.

quick and easy christmas decor - tunnocks baubles

I’ll be putting these on my own tree next year for a little nod to Bonnie Scotland as we’re changing up the gold theme we currently have for something a bit more eclectic.


Festive Mirror

If you have a mirror hanging anywhere then even the biggest pleb can make something beautifully festive happen. Grab any lights, beads or baubles you have and put them around the frame or better yet use lengths of ribbon to suspend them over the mirror. This low effort decor will take any room from zero to hero in 15 minutes or less.

quick and easy christmas decor - mirror 1

I used the rest of the tiny glass baubles from the paperchase set and used tape to secure the ribbons to the frame of the mirror. Pins or tacks would be more effective but as this mirror is a family heirloom I didn’t want to go down that route.

quick and easy christmas decor - mirror 2


We’re now pretty much ready for Christmas but i’ve got load of leftover decorations so i’m just going to dot them around the house whenever I have time. I know its nearly the big day but we’ll keep them up for the first week of January as well so it’s worth the effort 🙂

Hope you like some of my tips for quick and easy Christmas decor – I’d love to see your festive homes so please leave me a link to your own blog post or tweet me a picture.