I’ll start by saying I’m not sure it’s possible to stay sane when you have a baby but I’ve been trying so I thought I’d share a few of the things I do for me when I have the time.

Having a baby is all-consuming. You spend 90% of the day doing something with them or thinking about them. Virtually all my energy is devoted to feeding, cleaning and entertaining Luisa. Between all the mandatory tasks there are clubs, appointment, classes – it never ends! Alongside that you obviously have to try to keep the house from turning into a total pit (I’m currently failing miserably)

to do list

Don’t worry this isn’t some sort of pity party. I know all parents are in the same boat and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I love being the one to look after this little lady and I’d do it full-time forever if I could.


That being said recently I’ve come down with what Matt describes as ‘cabin fever’ You’ll know if you are also afflicted if you’re displaying 3 or more of the following symptoms or behaviours.

  • invent and sing demented songs to your child, or to yourself
  • consider a trip to lidl a major outing
  • think its okay to wear the same outfit for a week
  • realise you’ve lost the ability to speak to adults
  • find yourself enjoying saturday kitchen
  • have the level of excitement for dinner you used to reserve for holidays


If you’re currently suffering like me then I suggest you find some time for yourself. With a baby (or child – i imagine) its extremely hard to find time for anything other than them but I have a few suggestions for what you can do when you have the time.

Steal every moment! When they go for a nap or are playing happily complete the following essential tasks

  • pee
  • feed yourself
  • brush your teeth
  • put the same load of washing back on for the 4th time
  • stare into the cupboards and weep as you wonder what on earth is for dinner


If you’ve managed to do all that – well done, today is a good day! I now suggest that instead of skimming through twitter or doing housework you do something nice for yourself. My suggestions are below and they might seem a bit frivolous, especially when the house is falling down around you, but they make me feel better if I manage to do even one of them in a week so hear me out.


Paint your nails. I use Barry M sunset daylight curing gel polish. It tends to stay on for about 6 days – not the advertised 2 weeks in my experience but that’s longer than most polishes last on me with the constant nappy changes. Plus baby L loves red finger nails. If you’re not the polish sort then just do something pampery for you. Have a bath, use a mask, pluck your eyebrows – whatever makes you feel good.

baby loves red

Make plans. Organise something nice to do in the next few days that you can look forward to. Sometimes I find that when Matt’s off work we don’t do much and I feel really deflated when I realise we haven’t made the most of it. Don’t get me wrong it’s nice to stay in and relax but when I’m in the flat with Luisa all the time it feels good to get out as a family even just for a walk or a coffee.

baby days out family


Try some adult colouring in. It’s a craze I know and it’s a bit nuts but give it a try! If you don’t want to commit to buying one of the big books I really recommend Colour Calm. It’s a monthly title priced at £4.99 and has 116 pages for you to get creative with – pretty good value for money if you ask me.


baby activity colour calm

One great thing about it is that all the art is original so you won’t find it repeated in other books. They also have little practice areas where you can try out colour combos before you start on a big piece. I’m currently running a giveaway for the stunning issue 2 of Colour Calm which has 5 designs in it by Tom Hovey the illustrator from Bake Off!!


baby sane colour tom hovey


I’m running a little giveaway for you to get your hands on your own copy of Colour Calm.
Colour Calm Giveaway


I was sent a copy of Colour Calm for review purposes and loved it so much I am running this giveaway independently. I received no further compensation.