I’ve been a little quiet here this past week for a few reasons. We had Matt’s family staying with us enjoying the end of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. If you’ve never been to the festival I really recommend it. There’s such a great atmosphere with comedy and drama on every corner. Plus Edinburgh is a beautiful city with no shortage of excellent restaurants. As you can imagine we did a lot of eating out and thanks to the powers of babywearing I was even to take Luisa along to a few shows. I have a post coming out this week all about the festival with a few pointers for surviving it with a baby in tow.

Following all that fun Luisa had her second round of immunisations (a bit late oops) on Tuesday. She did much better than the first time and seems to be back to her usual self already.

Another exciting development is blog based. As you can see I’ve taken the plunge and started self hosting! It was honestly easier than I expected although I am a total novice so there are still a lot of improvements I need to make (feedback graciously received) I’ve been learning about coding and various plug-ins in the hope that I can create something semi professional. I’m still getting to grips with a lot of elements especially SEO and the like.

That being said if you are considering self hosting I really would say go for it! You have a lot more control over the look of your blog and it’s much easier for readers to find and connect with you. I’ve already had more opportunities from brands in the last 3 days than in the last month.

If you’d like me to make an idiots guide (me, I’m the idiot) to self hosting just let me know in the comments below or on Twitter.