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Even before I was pregnant I considered myself to be ‘the breastfeeding sort’. Now that my little girl is here and I’ve met more mums I know that there’s no such thing. Many people are unable to breastfeed for complex and often multiple reasons and some simply don’t want to.

Regardless of how you choose to feed your own child there should be no judgement, shame or awkwardness.

The positive about breastfeeding campaign isn’t here to draw lines in the sand or split mothers into camps. I’m here to find a way to celebrate my choice to and experience of breastfeeding without passing judgement on those who don’t and without feeling as though i should keep qualifying to avoid causing offence.

We can celebrate one way of doing things without attacking it’s perceived opposite. At least I can and I hope you will join me 🙂
Luisa was born by emergency c- section as she was in a lot of distress. It might sound silly but in the moment I was so shocked and everything was happening so quickly I didn’t realise how serious the situation was. The main thing I was concerned about was that I’d heard an emergency c-section often means delayed skin to skin and can make it harder to establish breastfeeding at first.

Thankfully everything worked out beautifully, Luisa latched on and fed in recovery and we haven’t looked back since.
I’m certainly no expert and there isn’t a magic 7 step plan for success when it comes to breastfeeding but here are my tips.

  • Expect success. I decided early on in my pregnancy that I would breastfeed and hoped to keep doing so for around a year. I didn’t read a lot of horror stories. I didn’t go to classes and I didn’t buy bottles. I told myself that I could and would breastfeed. Of course there are circumstances where no amount of determination will make a difference but I feel that being confident, expecting to succeed and not making contingency plans helped me to push through the difficult parts.

  • Know where to turn. Find out whether your health centre runs a breastfeeding clinic. Connect with La Leche League in your area. Join a forum or Facebook group that supports breastfeeding. I sought out these resources just before L was born but was careful not to go down the rabbit hole of reading horror stories or over preparing. I felt it was good to know where I could get help should I need it.

  • Persevere. It’s not always easy! Sometimes it is painful. It’s nearly always time consuming. Occasionally it’s frustrating, restrictive, awkward. But, for me at least, it is always 100% worth it. 


Following on from my journey, please do hop over to Mummies Waiting to see how her journey began and be in with more chances to enter the grand prize draw. Remember you need to earn 50 points to be eligible, full details can be found on the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Site.

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