After last weekends madness of my mum & auntie turning up in Edinburgh unannounced we didn’t plan a lot for this one! Most of the weekend was spent on the sofa but as the weather in Edinburgh was so lovely we did get out a little bit and had a really good time. Slobbing about watching tv and playing Xbox makes you appreciate the big exciting days out more, I think anyway.

We also got a few more baby bits sorted. The only things we need now are crib sheets and a few hospital bag things for me.

My chillies & herbs are going great guns and I think it’ll be time to re-pot them very soon. Going to have to snoop on pinterest for some kitchen herb garden inspo. I’m sure I’ll be spoilt for choice!

I had a major clear out on Sunday eBay was not playing ball so I think it’s off to the charity shop for a lot of the stuff, oh well!

We also went to my beloved Aldi and got in a few things for the week. Will probably go grocery shopping after the midwife on Thursday as the beer fridge doesn’t hold many supplies! More on that saga here…

Next weekend we’re going to host either a BBQ or a takeaway & beers night depending on the weather and probably head off on a day trip. Possibly stopping in to Ikea — fingers crossed!

Hope you all had a good weekend, whatever you got up to!

You Baby Me Mummy