I’ve made it to 35 weeks pregnant but I must admit it’s starting to feel like 350 weeks! As you know, I’ve been generally well and had no major complaints but I’m just getting a little bored now. We’ve read the books, had the meltdowns, bought the gear – now we just need to have the baby!

Honeydew Nelon

I’m trying to be mindful of my posture and getting up and down more carefully so I don’t strain my back or stomach but it’s easier said than done. I think I might need to relocate myself to the other side of the bed to make maneuvering around our tiny bedroom a bit easier. Poor Matt.

Our related news from this week is that Matt & I are taking advantage of the new Shared Parental Leave scheme available to parents of babies born in the UK after April 2015.  We’re going to be spending the first 6 weeks of babies life off work together and Matt will return after that.

Of course this means a temporary reduction in income and less Maternity Leave for me. We think it’s worth the sacrifice as I’ll have much-needed support in the early days and Matt will get to experience fatherhood more fully. I’m going to write a more comprehensive post on this topic, hopefully providing some useful first hand info for anyone who’s interested.


Nothing new is going on just continued puffiness and swelling of feet/ankles and occasionally my hands.

Stretch Marks?

Not yet!


I think we’ve established by now that I like to eat everything all the time. This is not a legitimate craving, I’m just a pig.


As I said I’m feeling a bit impatient but I’m not particularly fed up, just trucking along. I’ve been thinking about the main event more and I am getting a little bit nervous but I’m trying to stay calm and not over-think. This approach has served me well so far so I’m carrying on with more of the same.

Anything new?

Not that I can think of!

I’ll be seeing my midwife again late next week at 36+3 providing there are no issues before then. I need to finish writing up my birth plan prior to that and will probably make a start on my hospital bag soon.

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