I wasn’t tagged to do this but that’s irrelevant 🙂 Read on to find out some of the things that make me really happy, in no particular order! Please consider yourself tagged too.

  1. When we get a good parking space close to the house.
  2. Cheese of almost any variety.
  3. Clicking ‘publish’.
  4. Real weather, good or bad.
  5. When the cats are sleeping in a cute way.
  6. The lovely Matt, my partner in crime.
  7. Watching grocery hauls on YouTube.
  8. Wifi.
  9. Sandwiches from a deli wrapped in paper with a little sticker on – it’s the little things!
  10. Realising I’ve got some good TV to catch up on.
  11. Planning trips.
  12. Christmas shopping.
  13. My mental family.
  14. A new lipstick. So smooth!
  15. Avocado.
  16. Fluffy socks.
  17. Clean sheets.
  18. IKEA.
  19. Free refills.
  20. Travelling.
  21. Payday.
  22. When I actually remember a trolley coin.
  23. Magnetic packaging on beauty products.
  24. Good hair days.
  25. Wild flowers.
  26. Getting a bargain.
  27. Chocolate.
  28. Emojis ???????
  29. Lists.
  30. Seeing a nice dog out for a walk.
  31. Cute kids.
  32. Comfy shoes.
  33. Having a tan.
  34. F
  35. O
  36. O
  37. D
  38. When Matt remembers to refill the water filter jug!
  39. Board games.
  40. The sea.
  41. Quirky glasses / crockery.
  42. Charity shops.
  43. Pinterest fails.
  44. Period dramas.
  45. Spinach.
  46. Good coffee.
  47. Insightful documentaries.
  48. Being silly.
  49. Making it to a phone charger on time.
  50. Being outdoors.


Now time for some photo spam of a few of the things mentioned above because a blog post without pictures does not make me happy!