I’ve had a few conversations / interactions / days recently that have lead to me having feelings of negativity and frustration. I hate that uneasy feeling of discontent or dissatisfaction with life that can creep in so easily.

The conversations and thoughts I’m talking about are innocent ones we all have all the time. You know when you think or chat about things you should do, places you should go, items or ways of doing things that would make you happier or things easier?

Strategies to protect yourself from negativity


Taking stock and getting ideas about how to have a smoother day, tidier home, better job, more savings etc are all really productive and should be encouraged. However I have to say that you should tread carefully… It’s really easy to miss out on all the wonderful things you already have and feel like nothing is good enough.


This all sounds a bit abstract so I’m going to think of some examples…


As you know we’re expecting baby in late May. We live in a one bedroom flat in lovely Edinburgh. Whilst we’re out and about we see a lot of great areas that we’d love to move to but can’t afford. It’s really easy to look around and think ‘wouldn’t it be nice if…’

Of course we’d all love a huge salary from a rewarding career and a big beautiful house! Having dreams and goals are good but when I latch on to those fleeting thoughts I put too much pressure on myself and start to think I’m a bad person, I’m ill prepared, will be a bad mum etc etc


I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole as often!


Strategies to protect yourself from negativity


I think a lot of us do this and in my opinion social media plays a big role in feeling dissatisfied with yourself and life. People can be so false online and paint a perfect picture of their day to day.

It was with that in mind that, a few months ago, Matt and I made a new house rule. We decided phones and Facebook are all well and good but staring into them mindlessly reading utter nonsense is no good for anyone.


We drastically reduced our screen time and noticed a big big improvement in how we felt about every aspect of our lives and how well we used our time.

I want to try and find a way to continue that positive change and apply it to the things I spoke about above.


With all this I mind I made a few quick collages of the little things, and the big things, that are important and deserve to be valued. It was actually a really fun thing to do and I recommend you try it too.


no negativity here, collage 1


no negativity here, collage 2


no negativity here, collage 3


Another exercise I found really beneficial was writing this post – 50 things that make me happy.


Do any of you ever struggle with negativity? How do you remember to cherish the little things?

I’d love your feedback 🙂